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Experience & Opinion: 240hz displays are blurry

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Re: Experience & Opinion: 240hz displays are blurry

Postby lexlazootin » 09 Jan 2018, 22:04

LOL that thread is terrible... I hate monitors, people misunderstand so much about them it’s terrible. Even with proof they ignore it.
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Re: Experience & Opinion: 240hz displays are blurry

Postby darzo » 09 Jan 2018, 22:14

On for instance the Overwatch forum you'll read stuff like it's basically about input lag and all you need for that is fps, not a monitor. This in a 60hz vs 144hz context. A lot of people actually appear to focus rather exclusively on input lag, pros included, which drives me nuts. Input lag is just how long it takes for you to see an action on a monitor after the fact, and my impression is at higher refresh rates you can take an action at a more precise and exact moment (combining finer mouse movement with smoother object motion), which is much more valuable. It's a pain in the ass trying to argue unless you're really prepared and on top of it, which I lack at the very least the patience for.
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