Experience & Opinion: 240hz displays are blurry

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Re: Experience & Opinion: 240hz displays are blurry

Post by yehaw » 09 Jun 2018, 14:11

lexlazootin wrote: The problem is that his problem with the 240hz monitors is him not understanding how they work.

Yup, that's exactly it. The guy that recently posted saying he gets eye strain too at low fps doesn't understand how they work either. Along with multiple other reports of exact same findings. :lol:

Get over yourself. If you don't have issues, go on about your business. Why are you here telling people what they do and don't experience and try to dismiss people? The funny part is, I've been saying these panels were premature and to wait for revision/next generation, and what do you know? This gets posted on the blurbusters blog about new upcoming 240hz panels:
Reportedly, the panel is optimized for 240 Hz operation unlike the 24.5″ panels. The 24.5″ panels were not originally manufactured with 240 Hz in mind and had to be tuned by monitor manufacturers to 240 Hz operation.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

And you forgot these complaints, but hey, cherry pick what you want:

BenQ 240hz:
The BenQ Zowie XL2540 was met with decent reviews but worries about motion trails (overshooting pixels that create a blurry visual) made us look at different monitors.
Asus 240hz:
During fast movements with PG258Q, it feels more like "smooth motion blur". Objects in the game lose their contrast around their edges and sharpness during a fast "swipe" and everything becomes more "blurry". Therefore I recommend ULMB on PG258Q for games where the fps is constantly very high (like csgo). It is possible that the PG258Q feels more blurry due to the higher refresh rate and limitations with your eye? Perhaps this is because the higher refresh rate requires a better overdrive / AMA to have the same contract / sharpen as shields with lower refresh rate?

I do not know why it feels better on the XL2411t with overdrive, but it is noticeable that it affects the flicks in play. An easy way for me to see the difference is when I run both screens in mirroring, and just spin the mouse pointer in Windows. The PG258Q mouse pointer can actually be "dropped" due to the higher motion blur, while the XL2411T makes it easier to keep track of the mouse pointer, as it is clear even during motion.
Acer 240hz:
Comparing 1080p 240hz gsync to dell 1440p 24 inch gsync i choose the sharpness of 1440p 165hz over 1080p 240hz. Also the acer seemed to have ghosting or blur at 240hz but the dell being lower hz still looked clearer. I will miss the lower input lag though but thats about it.

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Re: Experience & Opinion: 240hz displays are blurry

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 09 Jun 2018, 15:20

Please, that's it.

Start a new thread please (after reading this first) if you want to reopen the topic in a more positive angle please.

There are a lot of useful talk in this thread by everyone involved.

But the constant criticisms at each other is not Blur Busters material.

Readers may not agree with each other but ....

Thread is closed (for now)...
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