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Dual Monitor Problem (120hz & 60hz)

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Dual Monitor Problem (120hz & 60hz)

Postby fiVe » 04 Jan 2018, 05:51

I am new here :)
I hope this is the right place for question.

I wanted to ask if there is a software (or affordable hardware) that connects to my pc as an 120hz monitor an then "downscale" (or drops in my case every second frame) that to an 60hz signal and give that to an real 60hz monitor.
I asked google, and all i could find was that an raspberry cannot work with 1080p @120hz xD

My Problem is that i use an older (60hz) monitor as my second screen. And i play games most in Borderless window for better ALT+TAB.
Now as long nothing on my second screen happens, everything is fine and my 120hz (main) monitor works as intended. But as soon as something happen on my second screen (even moving a window), my main monitor is capped hat 60fps. This is a huge and very noticeable framedrop!

I already tried to connect my 120hz screen twice (DisplayPort and Duallink DVI) and mirror the second 120hz and 60hz screen. I hopped that Windows does in this setup some own "Downscale" but it simply caps still to 60fps (but both monitors use their own hz setting in that mirror config).

Disabling "Aero" is no option in Windows 10 (this causes the issue) :(

For the case it matters, here some specs of my PC:
OS: Windows10 64bit
Main Monitor: EIZO Foris FG2421 (connected via Displayport)
Second Monitor: LG Flatron M227WDP (connected via Displayport to DVI-D Singlelink)
GPU: AMD FuryX (4xDP out, 1xHDMI out)

PS Before i got my 120hz Monitor, i tried to oc the 60hz Monitor. He was able to make about 75hz.
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Re: Dual Monitor Problem (120hz & 60hz)

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 10 Jan 2018, 10:45

Hello fivE, welcome to Blur Busters! I notice you have no reply, so I'm going to do my best:

Our experience over time is mixing refresh rates with multimonitor has long been a problem. With desktop compositing managers, there's no way to avoid the "sudden 60Hz effect". It's a problem that has also affected too.

My recommendation for this situation is to purchase a licensed copy of DisplayFusion (it has a free trial). It allows you to switch between multiple multi-monitor settings. Create two multimonitor profiles (one of them single monitor). Assign a hotkey to each. That means you can hot a hotkey to go single-monitor, and another hotkey to go back to multi-monitor. That way, you can go disruption-free during a game, and then go back to normal after.
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Re: Dual Monitor Problem (120hz & 60hz)

Postby fiVe » 10 Jan 2018, 14:19

Thanks for your Reply :)

I will try DisplayFusion.
It seems it got many Features.

But i think i will buy me an new second Monitor soon (with 120hz) xD
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