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BenQ XL2546 - 1024 @ 240hz for csGO - blackbars top bottom

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Re: BenQ XL2546 - 1024 @ 240hz for csGO - blackbars top bott

Postby destiRS » 16 Jan 2018, 14:13

Hi guys,

okay then I will stop to trigger me to get 1024 inside OSD :-)

Thanks for your help. RealNC, also for you. Sorry to be stubborn head. Hehe

Kind regards
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Re: BenQ XL2546 - 1024 @ 240hz for csGO - blackbars top bott

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 16 Jan 2018, 17:00

Glad to have been of assistance, and cleared up your confusion!

Yes, I know, it's often easy to be OCD about OSD being incorrect with GPU scaling.

In other words... The GPU's already resized the image, so the OSD has no way of knowing, so it's not a bug -- just an annoying side effect. It's, you know, just metaphorically like resizing an image in Photoshop or other app -- often the information about the exact original resolution is now lost. All the photo viewer knows is the new resolution, not the original resolution. Same thing happens with the "GPU scaling" feature -- monitor doesn't know the original resolution anymore since it's already scaled before it goes down the video cable to the screen.
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