3D Stereo on current crop of monitors/TVs?

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3D Stereo on current crop of monitors/TVs?

Post by DirkR » 31 Jan 2018, 06:52

Hi Everybody,

It seems 3D stereo is not a big topic any more, most of the TV and monitor companies don't advertise it much if at all, all the 2017 TVs don't seem to have it. But for me it still is! ;)

So I'm curious if anybody has some experience about running one of the recent 120 Hz or higher TVs or monitors with active 3D glasses like Nvidia's 3D Vision or 3D Vision Pro. Does it work even if the 3D part is not advertised? Monitor or TV? Anybody tried it with a 4K display by chance?

I'm trying to find the best way to get very high resolution in 3D. If anybody here has any recent experience, any input would be much appreciated!


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Re: 3D Stereo on current crop of monitors/TVs?

Post by masterotaku » 31 Jan 2018, 09:54

I play 99% of games in 3D Vision 2 so I think I qualify.

My experience consists of these monitors:

- BenQ XL2411Z
- Dell S2716DG (rev A01)
- Asus PG278QR

For 3D TVs and projectors you should ask here (in existing threads preferably): https://forums.geforce.com/default/board/49/3d-vision/

I'm currently using the Asus PG278QR (significantly better in crosstalk and brightness than the Dell one, but maybe newer revisions fix some of it).

About image quality, these are the most important factors:

- Crosstalk (the image of one eye leaking into the other).
- Pixel inversion problems (checkerboard, scanlines, image retention...).
- Brightness.

My PG278QR is bright, very good about crosstalk, but faint vertical scanlines can be visible (I got used to it. It was worse in the Dell S2716DG).

About compatibility, the general rules for PC monitors are:

- IPS/AHVA/AMVA -> No 3D Vision (there is one 1440p Acer with AHVA panel that is the only exception, but crosstalk is bad and eyes are reversed).
- Freesync -> No 3D Vision (someone correct me if I'm wrong).
- Ultrawide -> No 3D Vision (for now, because refresh rate was the main limiting factor).
- G-Sync + TN + >=144Hz -> most surely it's compatible.

For example, the Dell S2716DG doesn't advertise 3D Vision, but it works. In any case, you should check forums to be sure about compatibility and read opinions about image quality (https://forums.geforce.com/default/topi ... -monitor-/).

The problem of G-Sync monitors (at least a bunch I heard about) is that they lack the Lightboost strobe length adjustment that the non G-Sync monitors have. They use the equivalent of Lightboost 100%, I think.

If you are new about 3D Vision, don't forget to check the Helixmod blog: http://helixmod.blogspot.com/
The list of community fixed games is huge.
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