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Creator of ToastyX (CRU & Strobelight) needs your help!

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2018, 15:21
by Chief Blur Buster

If you use ToastyX Custom Resolution Utility or the ToastyX Strobelight software, you might want to be aware as of December 2017....

The creator of the free ToastyX software suite has fallen on hard times.
ToastyX has helped make a lot of "Better Than 60Hz" stuff much easier for users.

Easy LightBoost -- of historic Blur Busters LightBoost HOWTO fame!
Easy Custom Resolution Utility! Forcing computer monitors to do new tricks.

ToastyX has released the source code to ToastyX CRU and ToastyX Strobelight, in case he cannot continue developing.

If you can spare any donations to fellow ToastyX -- even $1 -- please do.


Click the image to go to his Patreon above.

Thank you!
Mark Rejhon
Chief Blur Buster