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Actual refresh rate varying from time to time?

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Re: Actual refresh rate varying from time to time?

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 24 Feb 2018, 04:43

KuraiShidosha wrote:It turns out it's from g-sync being on. I turned it off and my refresh rate is always spot on 144.00hz again. As soon as I turn g-sync back on it starts to fluctuate in these web browser tests, typically 143.5-8hz.

This is the important nugget that confirms I am in the right here, regardless.

The precision of the VRR micro-variances can be bigger/smaller on different systems.

I would not be surprised seeing such precision variances on different systems - a slower system with more imprecise system timers and other drivers stealing kernel CPU cycles, would likely cause more jitter in the software-driven refresh cycles from the graphics driver.

In various software I've seen two order of magnitude precision differences in timer jitter precisions between different systems of the same CPU generation. I would not be surprised if this translates to different amounts of jitter in software-triggered refresh cycles.

In any case, it has no visual side effects. These are sub-1% variance, and the OP variances are closer to 0.1% while mine is less than that. Even a 10 percent variance is often still invisible to the human eye for most kinds of material.
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