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[HELP] New BenQ XL2546 Dead Pixel (Purchased 3 Days Ago)

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Re: [HELP] New BenQ XL2546 Dead Pixel (Purchased 3 Days Ago)

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 19 Oct 2018, 11:26

In my experience, dead pixels on eSports monitors are usually rare enough that it's worth accepting a zero-cost RMA.

Certain defect classes are not worth playing panel lottery on (e.g. common TN panel LCD inversion artifact) but bright dead pixels are.

So go for it. I've found bright dead pixels in only 10% of my monitors, so you've got good odds of not having a dead pixel. But they can go in clusters (consecutive bad panel batches)

It's not zero-risk (you may have to keep playing panel lottery till Third Time's The Charm) but bright dead pixels on black are annoying at 1080p are annoying enough. At the prices we pay for eSports premium, I give kudos to any good return policies for single dead pixels (of the bright on dark kind).
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