Monitor xl2546 is dying?

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Monitor xl2546 is dying?

Post by ixenovia » 07 Dec 2018, 22:19

After that my Pg258q got menu bugged, I bought a xl2546 and sometimes, (I can t see a pattern, so I think is enough random)
I get strange Artifacts/linees on the monitor. The situation isnt tragic, it happens rarely, 3-4 times every hours for a second each.
I tried to change cable and port on the video card, the monitor reset, dyac off and nothing

I hadn t any problem on other monitors with the video card so I dont think is it
I left here a video about the problem

If you have some idea that can help me is appreciated.
Probably in next days/week I ll write my thoughts about the xl2546 and the pg258q

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Re: Monitor xl2546 is dying?

Post by RealNC » 09 Dec 2018, 22:38

That looks like a damaged monitor to me, especially if using another monitor with the same cable does not have the problem.
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