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Why I'm done with 240hz

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Re: Why I'm done with 240hz

Postby Hypnotic » 26 Mar 2019, 03:50

Hello Notty_Pt what can you say for XG240R Elite have you tried it anymore? is it better or not in any circumstances ?
According to XG240R is very little bit better in terms of input lag :
According to not : ... /57bb969dc
Luck loves the prepared ones 8-)
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Re: Why I'm done with 240hz

Postby Hypnotic » 29 Mar 2019, 02:57

I already buy one and my thoughts are OMG the monitor is crazy good but the rgb part is mothing that only the kids want it it's something this special monitor no nead (its not a toy) :) .
Luck loves the prepared ones 8-)
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Re: Why I'm done with 240hz

Postby alexander1986 » 29 Mar 2019, 11:01

stumbled upon this thread after looking for the best 240hz option to upgrade my good old trusted vg248qe from 2012 :D

am SUPER happy with my vg248qe to this day, running it at 120hz lightboost @10% forever and while 144hz no lightboost feels slightly more responsive / snappy the motion blur is making me sick lol, think im sensitive to motion blur as an old ex-quake on CRT monitor-player :P

anyway today my game is more or less only fortnite and was looking to both upgrade monitor to 240hz and rest of hardware on my pc aswell, however im very aware having 240 fps steady in this game is only possible in very few situations, no matter how good CPU/GPU/RAM you have, in competitive endgame situations with many players in small area and so on its straight up impossible to have 240 fps, even in non-competitive situations its impossible as long as there is complex areas in your field of view or lot of players in small area and so on,

but I was still thinking its maybe worth it to upgrade to 240hz monitor and also upgrade pc hardware to atleast have benefits of 240hz scanout on monitor coupled with atleast sometimes having 240 fps, and in many situations 150-240, and in few endgame situations it will be lower ofcourse, but after reading this thread and also a lot of other feedback from different people on 240hz vs 144 hz, I think I come to conclusion i'm better off keeping my good old vg248qe, and investing in better cpu/ram/gpu only, instead of investing in better cpu/ram/gpu PLUS a 240hz monitor?

what I wonder also is how is the idea of 240 fps cap on 120 hz 10% lightboost together with very strong cpu/gpu/ram? would it be better than for example 120 fps / 120 hz 10% lightboost? or is the more steady 120/120 option better you think?

today I have already 120fps cap/120 hz 10%lightboost but have old pc that regularly drops framerate in intense situations, and in these situations mouse input feels like shit because cpu is too weak to properly handle mouse input and the game at same time, happens both with lightboost off or on, so im left thinking should I only upgrade cpu-ram-gpu or also monitor to 240 hz? after some thinking it seems the monitor upgrade to 240 hz is not worth it and can in fact actually be worse for aim and input, unless we are locked at 240 fps 100% of the time, which we will never be in fortnite even at lowest quality settings and low resolutions,

for the record I have ancient pc today, i5-3470 with 2x4gb ddr3 1333mhz ram, with gtx 1060 6gb, will upgrade to something like 9600k/9700k with z390 motherboard and 2x8gb 3200mhz cl16 ram with rtx 2060/2070, and will make some decent overclocks on cpu and gpu aswell, I have feeling this would be enough for me to get a huge improvement in gaming and dont really need a 240hz monitor, you guys think this is correct? after I upgrade, do you think 240 fps cap @ 120 hz lightboost is better than 120/120 also?

sorry for long post and a bit confusing perhaps, but appreciate any feedback :P

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Re: Why I'm done with 240hz

Postby Hypnotic » 30 Mar 2019, 03:09

In my opinion steady fps is the 1st thing you should care after this everything is polishing more or less , many times the polishing part made huge improvements on the end of the journey (reading reviews and shopping) :) .
Luck loves the prepared ones 8-)
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Re: Why I'm done with 240hz

Postby hwk55 » 16 Apr 2019, 14:39


I do not know if I understood this topic well.

If I have a 240hz monitor - That setting up a smaller refreshing (eg 60) will I experience problems - delay, jams etc?

If I have a very good 144hz monitor - by setting eg 60 or 120hz the picture will still be good?

I had AW2518HF. At 250hz in cs: everything was fine. After entering the BF5 and 60-80fps continuous problems.

I wanted to order your VIEWSONIC notty, is this a good choice in my case?
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Re: Why I'm done with 240hz

Postby masneb » 17 Apr 2019, 03:00

Just to input something that I don't think has been discussed here. One of the problems the VG248QE doesn't have that a PG258Q has that I think makes a very big difference is pixel smearing. The PG258Q refresh is so fast, it can refresh a pixel that never fully transitions to the next state it needs to be in from the last refresh. This leads to 'smearing' and can cause the image to become garbled, where as with the VG248QE the response time of the pixels is fast enough to keep up with the refresh rate so the monitor always reaches a fully 'refreshed' state where the pixels are the right color they're supposed to be before they transition to the next state with the next refresh.

Due to how fast the PG258Q refreshes, depending on the color the pixel is shifting from-to, it can go through two refreshes without ever being the right color at the right time.

You see this more on IPS panels when everyone thought IPS panels could be gaming panels too if they have a high enough refresh rate even though the response time isn't nearly fast enough to keep up. You end up with a smear image rather then something that more or less resembles ULMB. You get a snapshot of the picture.

This is one of the first downsides I noticed with a PG258Q and OLED will definitely offset this.
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Re: Why I'm done with 240hz

Postby blurbustingbunny » 19 Apr 2019, 13:53

Notty_PT wrote:
I would totally dismiss the RGB lightning, just like you! But I doin´t use strobing aswell because my eyes don´t let me do so. I don´t like the input lag increase anyway, but my eyes start screaming at me in 20 minutes usage. I´m too sensitive to flickering and I´m very worried about health in the long term. Some people ignore it, but sooner or later you will pay from your bad habits!

Even if I wasn´t a PC gamer (sometimes I don´t even play PC at all for months), I would still get a 120hz/144hz monitor for webbrowsing or daily workflow (office, music production etc), because it is way easier on the eyes. Until today I still think 60hz is not an acceptable refresh rate for PC usage. It is acceptable with Vsync on 3d engines.

Even if you don't use strobing, in the times you've used it, can you notice a difference in motion clarity?
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