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XG248Q, AW2518HF, or wait?

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XG248Q, AW2518HF, or wait?

Postby LuatyVu » 02 Feb 2019, 02:02

So with doing much basic googling, there aren't any 240hz .5ms monitors out yet.

I'm stuck with picking the aw2518hf, the XG248Q, or just waiting for the new line of monitors.

I mainly play csgo seriously competively. I have 8700k with a 1080.

The Asus is a bit more expensive but is it worth the few extra dollars over the Alienware? I'm not interested/don't care in gsync/freesync/adaptive-sync. My local microcenter has the AW for 310.

Is there any speculations on price for the new .5ms monitors?

I currently have a BenQxl2441z. I have no issues with it but I just want to buy a new monitor.
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Re: XG248Q, AW2518HF, or wait?

Postby pox02 » 02 Feb 2019, 03:04

since you play cs go mostly aw2518hf is good option its the fastest overdrive then xg248q
monitors xg258q aw2518hf 27GK750F-B pg248q xg240r lg w2363d-pf xb270hu
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Re: XG248Q, AW2518HF, or wait?

Postby Notty_PT » 02 Feb 2019, 10:36

I have both the AW amd the XG and my XG is faster than the Alienware, while being a bit smaller, so it has better noticeable ppi aswell. Also the Asus has great input lag at both 240hz and 60hz, contrary to the AW, wich performs good enough at 240hz and is terrible at 60hz (playstation 4 use).

If you cant find the Asus for cheap just get the AlienWare if you never intend to play ps4.
I got my Asus for 330€ and is not worth the current 450€ asking price. No 240hz monitor is worth such money. So altho I prefer the XG to the AW I vote for the AlienWare here.
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