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About Asus VG258QR input lag

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Re: About Asus VG258QR input lag

Postby Notty_PT » 13 Apr 2019, 17:55

Here is the official website from Asus with the VG248QG 165hz:

I am almost sure this is still using the same old AUO panel from 2011, the M240HW01, wich is on basically most 24 inches 144hz monitors. Let´s see if they optimizied it as good as the XG2402, wich uses the same panel. Considering they claim 0,5ms + 165hz, it must be a good refresh I guess. Just a bit afraid of those overclockes as they reduce contrast heavily!
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Re: About Asus VG258QR input lag

Postby MatrixQW » 22 Apr 2019, 15:03

Seems it's the successor of VG248QE. Let's wait and see.
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Re: About Asus VG258QR input lag

Postby MatrixQW » 22 Apr 2019, 15:11

I only bought VG258QR because it seemed a great monitor with a great price.
Without FreeSync the overdrive isn't great, with FreeSync isn't perfect, so it has that.
ELMB doesn't work well in desktop but works fine in games, the problem is the input lag that I notice alot.
I'm happy with it but saw XG240R for 300€ and got mine for 278€ wich I can sell for the same price or 300€, so maybe in 2 months i'll make a switch, unless VG248QG proves worthy.
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Re: About Asus VG258QR input lag

Postby MatrixQW » 23 Apr 2019, 09:24

MatrixQW wrote:With FreeSync what I see is a thin black border around the cursor, 60 or 100 is exactly the same.

I conclude that when FreeSync is applied (I can disable it in monitor menu after), the monitor gets a different and fixed overdrive, meaning that the TraceFree setting does nothing, 0 or 100 remains the same. This will probably affect pixel response, wich I suppose will be a bit higher.
What I wonder is if this happens with all monitors.
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Re: About Asus VG258QR input lag

Postby karavanasam » 30 Apr 2019, 13:38

Probably a bit late discovery from me but I finally got rid of that nasty color ghosting when I surf.
I lowered tracefree to 40 and it is gone.
:lol: Hah I was joking,my tracefree will always be 100.I love its performance in games. :lol:
So how I did that with tracefree:100?
Very simple:Firstly I use windows 10.I entered performance options.Visual Effects.Then selected adjust for best performance.Then ticked only smooth edges of screen fronts.Now there is no color ghosting when I surf.Enjoy. ;)
(Also dont forget selecting default color settings in Nvidia Gpu resolution section.Dont select RGB Full.Let the monitor decide the color format.)
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Re: About Asus VG258QR input lag

Postby Snok » 04 May 2019, 03:12

Hello everyone!

(Not especially relevant information, skip this if you aren't a nervous buyer.)
I have owned the VG258QR since January this year and although it might not be very relevant I have been struggling a bit with mental health and cash-flow and that does cloud my judgement alot, combined with the fact that my monitor prior to this was the Viewsonic VX2268WM which as many might know was one of two first gen 120Hz LCD displays. I used to be very good at Counter-Strike so I'm super picky when I decide if I'm going to pull the trigger on something gaming related when there is a bigger cost involved. I state this because

A.) My older monitor was of course WAY WORSE in all aspects and It kind of shocked me how bad it really was when I compared it.
B.) Being "super picky" when you have absolutely no real knowledge of modern displays makes it really hard to make an informed decision when you can't evaluate it in front of you.
C.) My mental health status have added an anxiety about my purchase since there was no reviews available at the time of my purchase so I kept the monitor and hoped for the best, meaning I cannot return it now anyway.

For those reasons I've been keeping away from forums and information such as this one, It might seem silly to allow one to be stressed about purchasing a display but I saved up for this and It was very confusing to find something in my price-range and making an informed decision.[/quote]

(Actual relevant information)
With that said, here's what I can report with my limited knowledge:

  • I've noticed a blue tint bleeding in from the left, right and bottom parts of the screen. The right side is visibly worse than the others. On my older Viewsonic VX2268WM there was worse backlight-bleed (Please correct me if I use the wrong term) but less noticeable and distracting since it was more of a difference in brightness - Not a blue tint. I hoped that I would get used to it eventually but It still bugs me and I'm curious if anyone else has this problem (Again, If this is even considered as a defect or if it's me being picky).
  • The trailing/ghosting is WAY less noticeable when I have FreeSync enabled. As a matter of fact, It doesn't seem to change at all if I use Trace Free 0 or 100. Without FreeSync even setting it to 60 was to distracting for me but again, I didn't know If this was normal and expected or not.
  • Reading posts talking about VividPixel increasing delay makes a lot of sense to me and If not placebo, I can confirm I always felt that going back to 0 felt better somehow, despite losing a bit of clarity in Counter-Strike.
  • I haven't tried many different settings before reading this thread but for me, choosing "FPS Mode" with FreeSync enabled, VividPixel at 0, Trace Free at 100, Sharpness at 50, ASR disabled is resulting in slightly more ghosting/trailing than using Trace Free 40 with FreeSync disabled which was what I considered to be the sweet-spot before. 60 was right on the edge and 80-100 seemed almost broken.
  • I still feel that scrolling on webpages seems jittery or blurry despite what settings I choose. My best option was to set Trace Free to 0 when browsing to avoid the very noticeable ghosting/trailing and VividPixel seemed to provide a bit more clarity with more visible artifacts.
  • I always use the provided DisplayPort cable at 165Hz and in competative games I play without V-sync with a mouse above 500Hz and Pre-rendered frames at 1.
  • I'm very pleased with the performance of FreeSync and even though I'm novice I haven't noticed anything buggy or weird with it being enabled, only now when seeing how FreeSync lessens the effect of ghosting/trailing.

So overall.. Shit, I don't know. If I could go back I would probably just not buy any monitor at all as you might imagine because I gotta be honest, the market for displays is very confusing and overwhelming and I very rarely felt so clueless before a purchase for my PC.

I would appreciate feedback from other users in regard to "backlight-bleed" close to the edges, Is that blue-ish tint to be expected on TN-panels and could it vary that much from one side to the others?

If anyone has questions or want me to try settings etc, let me know. Peace!
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Re: About Asus VG258QR input lag

Postby MatrixQW » 06 May 2019, 10:18

No backlight bleed here. My panel is perfect.

I mentioned (you also) that with FreeSync, TraceFree doesn't have any effect (0 or 100) but I was in part wrong.
Where TraceFree has no effect is on desktop mouse cursor. It is always a bit blurry.
In ufo test just by looking (no camera needed), with FreeSync + TraceFree 60 there is no corona/inverse ghosting but with 100 I can see it (it's very faint). The thing is, even though it appears on ufo test, during games I cannot see it at all.
Try it.

Web scrolling is blurry even with FreeSync yes, so we can use a profile for desktop and a different one for games.
Sharpness setting will make things clearer like VividPixel but I still haven't messed with the profiles to find best settings.

FreeSync applied + TraceFree 100 = OK.
FreeSync not applied + TraceFree 100 = huge inverse ghosting on mouse cursor and games.

Remember that you can disable FreeSync once applied and the inverse ghosting will still be gone.
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Re: About Asus VG258QR input lag

Postby bread » 23 May 2019, 06:02

What are the optimal settings for this display for FPS gaming and general use? Post what you use if you can.

Mode, Tracefree, Color, Display, etc.
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Re: About Asus VG258QR input lag

Postby karavanasam » 23 May 2019, 07:05

bread wrote:What are the optimal settings for this display for FPS gaming and general use? Post what you use if you can.

Mode, Tracefree, Color, Display, etc.

Since I probably am the only fan of this monitor here,I must answer this question. :D
Racing mode,TF:100,contrast:70,brightness:depends,Adaptive Sync:ON,ELMB:OFF.
VividPixel:50 for sharp images.
Color and sharpness default settings.
Turned Windows vsync off from windows settings,I dont really know which one it is so you dont see color ghosting when your surf websites with TF:100.
Turned vsync off from Nvidia Gpu settings because you dont need it.There is no tearing with this monitor. ;)
Now go enjoy the input lag free gaming without any tearing. :)
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Re: About Asus VG258QR input lag

Postby MatrixQW » 04 Jun 2019, 21:50

These settings are working great for games and general use:

Cinema mode
Brightness 70
Contrast 40
Saturation 50
Color Temp: user mode RGB 100
Skin Tone: Natural
Smart View: off
Sharpness 50
TraceFree 60
VividPixel 0
ASCR: off
FreeSync: on

I don't see overshoot in UFO ghosting test and games.
For games with fps alot higher than 165 I create an NVidia profile and set Monitor Technology to fixed refresh (disable FreeSync).
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