About Asus VG258QR input lag

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Re: About Asus VG258QR input lag

Post by Flickspeed » 28 Dec 2019, 14:41

So I did some testing here are some findings and observations, I will appreciate your input and thoughts on the list:

1. The main observation point for discussion! Seems like 144hz is more responsive on this monitor vs 165Hz mode (Tested in CS GO 144hz/300 fps max, 165Hz/318 or 342 fps max. Seemed like monitor was reacting faster to mouse and keyboard movement in 144hz mode. Was able to aim and readjust aim faster.

2. G-Sync seems to add very little input lag 1ms on this monitor Tested with fps max = Hz - 8 / vsync off.
3. ELMB seems to add a bit more than G-Sync 1-2ms on this monitor. ELMB eliminated almost all Blur, incredible result.

Can't run G-Sync and ELMB at the same time on this model.

Racing mode seems best for desktop tasks.

After coming from DELL S2716DG this monitor appears to be much crisper during crosshair movement in normal mode and easier to track where you shoot.

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Re: About Asus VG258QR input lag

Post by Lackzz » 24 Jan 2020, 14:26

Hey I was trying to decide if I should get the Asus VG258QR 165hz .5 response which is $230 or Asus VG248QG 24” 165 hz they have same specs listed but I wonder why the Asus VG248QG 24” is 50 dollars more if they are the same and the $230 monitor looks like a good deal I'm looking for low input lag with smooth game play for competitive gaming like rainbow 6 and csgo

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Re: About Asus VG258QR input lag

Post by kebabasalt » 07 Feb 2020, 01:59

l have this monitor 1 mounth.
AT 1st l was very happy, after msi optix c24g1 VA monitor it is much more faster and smoother. But when l aclimatizated l starte to test other things like ULMB, freesync and TF 100.
ULMB is great but i feel that added latency.
(l am very sensitive for latency and response times)
Freesync is working great like on my old msi monitor.Nothing can say bad about it. But still l play
competetive and l dont use it in multiplayer shooters as it ads some 1 ms latency.
Now The most interesting part about TraceFreeeee.... When freesync is disabled in osd it apears working too much agresive. 60 is usable (by default), 80 aceptable (lilbit artefacting), 100 unusable (overshoots and lots of artefakts).
But few days ago l found interesting thing. In adrenalin driver panel l disabled freesync entirely and Enable it on OSD and somehow l can use all 100 Trace vithout artefacts and overshoots penalty.
Thought it was bug ant tried on TF 0 but monitor became slugish. So it means TF setting is working as it should just maybe it is not so agresive? I DONT know what to say about this but playing on it now is great and l do recomend for ppl who is playing csgo or other shooters this monitor.
My preset is simple :
Fps game preset
Brightnes on 70
Contrast 80
Colors cold and auto. (as l am not pricky on visuals except smoother and resposivnes. For me coulours is cool so l dont need to change anything.
TraceFreeeee 100
In osd freesync on, in driver panel freesync off.

I tested 165hz vs 144hz. Sometimes it felt better on 144hz but i think it is placebo. Now l play on 165hz and it feels good.
Tried dvi-d dual cable and it works more faster than vith dp cable but TraceFree trick dont work so... O use DP cable.

Sorry for my bad english and such a long post.

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Re: About Asus VG258QR input lag

Post by Sicamore » 10 Mar 2020, 08:35

Here are the settings I came up with since both the default(Racing) and sRGB modes are too soft and sharpness is not changeable in those presets. I suspect this is why many people are complaining about blurriness with this monitor. Scenery Mode seems to have the most accurate gamma.

Scenery Mode:
Brightness - 25
Contrast - 80
Saturation - 40
Color Temp -User Mode(all 100)
Sharpness - 50
Tracefree - 60 or 80

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Re: About Asus VG258QR input lag

Post by Stitch7 » 12 Mar 2020, 05:21

I want to remind you that prad has not done a single test of a 2nd gen 240hz display and they don't do testufo either so it's not comparable to other numbers.
Unless we can verify these numbers against 2nd gen 240hz displays, take this with a grain of salt.

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Re: About Asus VG258QR input lag

Post by Sicamore » 13 Mar 2020, 21:59

I tried other modes but it just doesn't look right, specifically the gamma. The only two modes with proper gamma are Racing and sRGB, the two modes with slightly off sharpness.

For now, I'm just gonna go with sRGB mode + VividPixel 50. It adds some artificial sharpness and probably a bit of display lag, but it seems like the best compromise.

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