Down to 3 options - HELP ME DECIDE PLEASE

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Down to 3 options - HELP ME DECIDE PLEASE

Post by LordGurciullo » 01 Mar 2019, 04:02

The research has gone on endlessly. Chief is a monster of knowledge as are so many of you.
My computer wont be getting 240 frames in any game I'm playing. Still on a gtx 770 (will upgrade by end of year) I just want CRT quality smoothness and no input lag (even though I no longer play professionally/competitively ). I mostly play single player lately and don't care about graphics being good - only smoothness. I feel I'm down to 3 options. I've never tried G Sync so I can't comment on it. Only 120hz first generation Lightboost - which was decent but with input lag.

1. Budget option 350 Dollars
Acer Predator XB241H
120hz ULMB and G sync (So I can use both depending on the game)

2. Alienware
144 ULMB and Gsync 240hz (overall amazing reviews, and a lot of flexibility)
Scanline sync tweaks possible

3. Benq Zowie Xl2546
Dyac 240hz!!
No freesync or gsync!

Right now I'm leaning towards the alienware for flexibility as I'm not playing CS in a professional way any longer and wont be playing any games at 240 FPS anytime soon..

What do you guys think?
Go Budget?
Go Versatile?
Go Dyac?

I'm ready to order some thing before I tear my hair out or track down another CRT! :)

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Re: Down to 3 options - HELP ME DECIDE PLEASE

Post by Sorgair » 01 Mar 2019, 23:14

The alienware seems to be the best option as I have the xb241h, and along with many reviews, has awful backlight uniformity. The BenQ monitor with Dyac but no adaptive sync capabilities doesn't really make sense to buy if you aren't playing csgo or something at way over 240fps or something. On the other hand, I have the aw2518hF (freesync version, so it probably is different by a small bit), but the colors are way better (even at 240hz!!) compared to the xb241h. And gsync is pretty neat in singleplayer games where you want to just play without any visual annoyances.

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Re: Down to 3 options - HELP ME DECIDE PLEASE

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 02 Mar 2019, 01:02

Note: Scanline sync isn't monitor specific.
Scanline sync tweak is available with all monitors (CRT, LCD, at any fixed Hz).

The budget option is definitely one of the the least expensive GSYNC monitors.
You might save enough money to buy a GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, even! (GTX 1070 power for under 280 bux)
Without waiting for the end of the year.

On the other hand,
Now, that said, you indicated a priority to blur reduction and you really enjoyed LightBoost.
This tells me right away you probably want to have access to the best blur reduction.

Blur reduction on both Aleinware and XL2546 is known to be brighter, so you can adjust persistence lower (settings with clarity clearer than LightBoost 10% are available with both ULMB and DyAc, via ultra short strobe pulse width settings -- you can get 0.5ms MPRT while still having 75 nits of brightness -- which is brighter than LightBoost 10% which is only roughly 1ms MPRT). Brighter means more headroom to go clearer (shorter pulse widths for shorter persistence). MPRTs of as little as roughly ~0.1ms-0.25ms is available in the 240Hz strobed units, though very dim, but at least you can get down to roughly 0.5ms MPRT while still being clearer-AND-brighter than LightBoost 10%.

So of the two, and if input lag isn't a big concern (it's only a few milliseconds apart), then I definitely would steer towards having the option of GSYNC! Just make sure you enable GSYNC at window desktop too, as overdrive seems to be better with GSYNC enabled on the Dell than in non-GSYNC. (Or use ULMB at desktop instead, if you prefer ULMB during web browsing for zero-blur scrolling etc).

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Re: Down to 3 options - HELP ME DECIDE PLEASE

Post by BB2019 » 02 Mar 2019, 12:34

Best Buy via Google Express has 25" Alienware AW2518HF 1080p 240Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor for $279.99. Shipping is free.

Note, users may buy from Google Express for $259.99 w/ promo code FEBSAVE19
Maybe worth considering the HF version of the AW2518? From what I understand, it's G-Sync compatible too. Is there a performance difference lacking the g-sync hardware? I'm a newbie on the fence on this purchase and just found this forum while doing some cursory research. Hope this maybe helps save a fellow enthusiast some money!

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Re: Down to 3 options - HELP ME DECIDE PLEASE

Post by LordGurciullo » 03 Mar 2019, 09:36

If the F model of Alienware had strobing I'd do it cause its 270 bucks. However it doesn't :(

So. I've been convinced by many now that 240hz is essential.
Chief. You are the man! also the SolidOne!

So for sure down to Alienware vs Zowie.

Heres what I've been told:
Dyac with 180hz or higher is just infinitely superior to 144hz ULMB - like next level where - you can still feel and see 144hz ULMB is strobing - but with higher hz Dyac you cannot. I'm coming from a CRT not from a 120hz. I dearly adored my crt and would get another if I could :).
If I could get 170-200 FPS on most games I think it would also be a no brainer.
But I mostly play newer games and I have a very old video card currently (gtx770)
fps is usually 70-100 on lowest settings.

I've never ever used Gsync so I don't know. If I could play on a gsync monitor for 10 minutes I'd be able to make my decision.

Still up in the air. 5 zowies came up on amazon for sale and then all sold out... Still looking.
Planning on getting a 1070 or the new card if my old ass computer will support it.

Any more thoughts to help me decide?

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Re: Down to 3 options - HELP ME DECIDE PLEASE

Post by LordGurciullo » 05 Mar 2019, 02:01

Well you guys are amazing.

I decided to go with the xl2456.
perhaps ill return it if i dont like it / try the alienware/gsyng.
I will post here about it on impressions.
I'm going to look for backlight bleed and dead pixels when it arrives
anything else to look for?

Next up .. Video card.
I have an asus extreme 87
a 4770k cpu, 8 gigs of good ram and a 720 power watt supply
corsair vengeance case.


Which one?
I'm going to be selling one of my kidneys since you only need one to live.
how bad will my cpu bottleneck?
what card to go with? Which any of these cards fit and run?

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Re: Down to 3 options - HELP ME DECIDE PLEASE

Post by LordGurciullo » 05 Mar 2019, 15:48

The xl2540 just became gsync compatibile. Do we know if the xl2546 can disable Dyac and use freesync and now gysnc?

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