Best 240hz Monitor for Competitive CSGO

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Re: Best 240hz Monitor for Competitive CSGO

Post by Farsot » 11 Aug 2019, 05:35

Notty_PT wrote:No , do not trade the xg258q for the pg. The pg25 has noticeable input lag and some bad artifacts on some colour gradients. There is a thread on this forum showing it on fortnite, for example, and is a very recent thread too.

For xg258q overdrive you need to use either UserMode or FPS. Then go to colour and use Warm. Turn down contrast to 70 overdrive level 3 and use the cable that came with the monitor.

Let me know if it improved anything. It did A LOT on my unit.

DO NOT use racing mode because it induces 0 sharpness and even static text will be blurry
Thank you for this settings....
Made a huge difference when switch to
user mode
Brighthness 25 (dark room)
Contrast 70
Blue Light 0
Color Warm
Gamma 2.5
Overdrive 3

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