Asus VG278QR , 0.5ms, 165Hz, G-Sync Compatible

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Re: Asus VG278QR , 0.5ms, 165Hz, G-Sync Compatible

Post by karavanasam » 29 Mar 2019, 11:56

I respect your effort trying to find the ultimate or best of the best monitor for yourself but it also feels like you are also wasting your energy,money and time in that process.I suggest taking a breath,maybe wait a couple of years because I dont think this recent technology or panels will give you the ultimate performance you expect.There is nothing wrong with you of course.Every serious gamer wants that performance.If I were you I would use my recent Viewsonic monitor and save money for future purchases.Who knows maybe after some time one of the monitor makers will make the best one and everyone will love it.You should be prepared for that moment. :) ;)

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Re: Asus VG278QR , 0.5ms, 165Hz, G-Sync Compatible

Post by vg278qr_0 » 18 Apr 2019, 18:28

Yeah, first world problems...

Hello !

First message, and a story...

The monitor is here and working.

You can skip this part...


EDIT : story deleted

previous monitor : Iiyama GB2488HSU-B1


Running FPS mode, brightness 10 contrast 20 saturation 40 color 90 / 90 / 60 (low blue) skin natural sharpness 50 trace free 40

Like someone already said, I guess trace free 50 would be great for text, which is not possible.

But in fact I estimate the vg278qr on trace free 60 kinda on par with the GB2488HSU-B1 at "0", the "problem" is the 27' have bigger pixels, so for the same amount of inverse, or ghosting, even only 1 pixel, you see it more compared to the 24'...

Another problem, is I guess at the same level of brightness roughly tweaked on side by side, 27' area is bigger than 24', so more light is emitted in total... For now I still feel it's too bright, will tune it down with time I guess, even if already low.

Another thing is, TN viewing angles are just a bit more problematic, given the increase in size. Falling down a bit in the chair makes the top of the screen change a little, and a little bit as well at the far left and right sides. Maybe need a bit more than a arm of viewing distance.

I only tested 144 Hz because of clone mode, will test 165 Hz in the end, as well as g-sync compatible, I downloaded 425.31 driver which seems to be ok. Otherwise will use adaptive for the v-sync, I read adaptive-sync (g-sync compatible) doesn't work in some games, and sometimes even a driver refresh break everything down.

Surprisingly, what makes the vg278qr really stand out, is the colors, contrast, and the black I guess. Side by side GB2488HSU-B1 (at my settings I admit) looks like it has a grey filter on all the screen, and everything feels flat. But I only realize it now ! In games I rediscover the places I know, it's kinda a waouh effect. Every light effect is much stronger, and DVD feel more 3D !

Spending money is not easy I am half crazy, it's luxury this time, I'm nearly ashamed but hey, searching for days... And will keep it for years... Will not upgrade until affordable 480Hz and more I guess.

But I must admit everytime I see a ( kinda noname !!! not flat !!! 15 inch !!!) CRT [email protected] at my dad house (he refuse to change !!!), damn !!! These colors ! And this motion clarity ! Browsing text on the web is so great !!

Sorry ! :D

Long term will see if it's not too bright.

And thinking about it, maybe I should have waited for HDMI 2.1 with VRR included, (not depending on a driver to break everything ?), and for upcoming consoles ?


Too fresh, but yeah seems a good upgrade !

EDIT : the Iiyama GB2488HSU had a B2 then B3 version, and the B2 seems to fix the color issues, problem is on the web it's nearly 400, and the vg278qr is 300... Yeah compromises...

EDIT2 : small increase in ghosting or small increase in inverse, compared to the 24', is only visible for me on web scrolling, not in games, not in movies.

EDIT3 : well see next my post...
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Re: Asus VG278QR , 0.5ms, 165Hz, G-Sync Compatible

Post by karavanasam » 19 Apr 2019, 11:08

I also wanted to buy VG278QR first but after reading review of's VG258QR I bought it instead and I am very happy I bought 25.It is so fast it doesnt need ELMB or else.
But brightness 10 contrast 20?How can you see ingames man?Are you sitting in a very dark room? :lol:

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Re: Asus VG278QR , 0.5ms, 165Hz, G-Sync Compatible

Post by vg278qr_0 » 22 Apr 2019, 10:13

Yes the room is a bit dark :D .
:!: Well, karavanasam maybe you did the right thing...

Ok sorry for the long posts...

Yeah, first world problems...

Could test 165Hz, and yes it's an improvement over 144 Hz, text scrolling is better.

Included sound system is not great at all for me... But only compared to my previous monitor. If it's your first, maybe you will find it okay.

Was really sceptical but could test Freesync, great, that's what I was looking for. It works really well, what I took for partial ghosting with the previous monitor was micro stutter.

So my guess is I would really like 240 Hz Freesync screen with good overdrive, if only my pc could push constant frames like this in games... But I don't want to upgrade it... I want to keep it until it's unplayable and really upgrade as late as I can.

Big update... VG278QR is giving me eye strain... I had to give it back. No matter the parameters I tried, 2 hours max on the screen and then I have to stop, and wait for the strain to go away. Very strange. So yeah, monitor might be the most important part of the computer... with the chair too (back problems...)

For text and general use, the thing that partially solve the problem for me, strangely, is putting it on max inverse tilt -5%, top monitor the closer, and bottom far. It's ok but then in games, it doesn't help for included text for me, and image is strange.

There is something in the sharpness, I might be very very picky about this, seems that from a point of view, the whole screen has too much variation, going from the center. Maybe it's also a vision angle / sensitivity too.

Needless to say that it is a disapointment, but might as well be a thing to remember next time I want help to stop being in front of a computer...

So... I had a Iiyama, and went to test the current Iyama line.

Could see the GB2560HSU-B1 and the GB2760HSU-B1. Well... Saved !
Compared to the GB2488HSU-B1, I immediately felt the similarities.

The 25' is really similar. No eye strain for me, sharpness is great and could even be tuned in OSD.
Overdrive is good, really on par with the previous model, not seen in games, only in text, but small.
Sound system is more powerful that GB2488, that's what I wanted, and now it's enough for a small office, but quality is a bit lower, unfortunately. I wonder if the non oblique plastic frame compared to the speakers increases the echo sort-of effect.
Freesync with nVidia card is working okay, but only did a short test.

And the 27' is great too ! No eye strain even with increase of size and pixel, sharpness is similar, I wanted a bigger version of the GB2488 and it is. Overdrive is good as well, but with increase of pixels size, you see it just a bit more with text, still not in games.
Sound system same than the 25' it seems. Freesync working as well with nVidia card.

No more grey filter on the whole screen, blacks are really blacker, so better contrast, waouh effect still, but just a bit less than the Asus.

I am a novice, but from what I saw, I can tell Iiyama does "calibrate" their monitors, in the same way. Pixel sharpness is really close on the 3 models (and viewing angles ?), so no eye strain for me. And colors too. I opened an Excel file with color columns, and on the Asus the displayed result was really different. No that important for me, but on the 3 Iiyama, the results were pretty close, with the 2 newers one, given the contrast, much more vivid for powerful colors.

I guess next time I will go the easy way, and from now on only buy Iiyama, I am too used to them.

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Re: Asus VG278QR , 0.5ms, 165Hz, G-Sync Compatible

Post by karavanasam » 22 Apr 2019, 11:17

You have eye strain?It must be bad.I dont have any kind of problems with my VG258QR and very happy with its gaming performance.It is almost like a perfect gaming monitor.True it is not perfect but this is huge improvement for me after my previous 22 inch 60hz monitor. :D
I hope you find the best monitor for your eyes. ;)

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Re: Asus VG278QR , 0.5ms, 165Hz, G-Sync Compatible

Post by qudos » 22 Apr 2019, 17:11

Bought the same monitor two days ago. Best decision I ever made.

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Re: Asus VG278QR , 0.5ms, 165Hz, G-Sync Compatible

Post by Notty_PT » 23 Apr 2019, 00:08

Had to use a 27 inch monitor for almost a week on a desk. My eyes were bleeding already. I have no idea how ppl can use that size! Just looking at a map on the corner is already a struggle to me.

My dream monitor would be a 22/23 inch 144hz/240hz, but sadly those dont exist.

I will go crazy when the 22 inch 144hz Joled model comes out

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Re: Asus VG278QR , 0.5ms, 165Hz, G-Sync Compatible

Post by karavanasam » 23 Apr 2019, 02:50

25 inch/1080p is perfect for me.Big enough to see everything in multiplayer gaming.Headshots are a lot easier.I dont think I can use 27 inch also.Very big for my room and desk. :lol:

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Re: Asus VG278QR , 0.5ms, 165Hz, G-Sync Compatible

Post by MatrixQW » 23 Apr 2019, 08:59

It really depends on the distance.
Minimum distance:
24'' = 60cm
27'' = 70cm

I took this into account when I bought my desk with 75cm depth. Now around 8cm are lost from the back of the desk to the front of the screen. The distance from my eyes to the screen is well within the minimum distance.
It's fine for my 24,5'' monitor.

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Re: Asus VG278QR , 0.5ms, 165Hz, G-Sync Compatible

Post by andy22 » 13 Jul 2019, 07:59

Ok i also just got the VG278QR and while VRR/G-Sync works out of the box, i have major issues calibrating this thing.
I had a old IPS based pannel beforehand and i can't really get the damm thing calibrated correctly. The Asus "Game Visual" modes are confusing or just stupid.

Moba mode = WTF is this, under saturated and washed out everything looks broken
sRGB mode = too dark and washed out and can't adjust any brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness in this mode?? WTF asus
RTS mode = over saturated, too bright, too sharp (cant get it fixed via reducing brightness, contrast, saturation)
Cinema mode = seems to have a weird gamma-curve losses details and is greyish
FPS Mode = similar to Scenery Mode, but looks washed out

The only two modes i could somewhat get working are:
Racing Mode = 65 brightness, 79 contrast, 60 Trace Free
Scenery Mode = 60 brightness, 79 contrast, Saturation 35, 60 Trace Free, Sharpness 50

Racing mode would be fine, but it does not have the sharpness option and text looks bad, while Scenery Mode has readable text, but also a strange gamma-curve and as example in github marking something as code is not visible in this mode, the grey background gets lost.

I might be spoiled by IPS panels, but not being able to find a setting with readable/sharp text and a decent gamma curve that does not loose details is disappointing. So be prepared to go through a lengthy calibrating try&error phase or the need for a external calibration tool.

PS: Anyone with similar problems and maybe a mode + values that works? I don't want to switch the mode every-time for gaming or text.

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