Display FLICKER / slight blinking

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Display FLICKER / slight blinking

Post by nathan02 » 26 Apr 2019, 21:46

hi guys need help, my benq xl2730z suddenly just act weird recently. HAve this monitor for a while now with no issues.
just recently I'm having this flickering or blinking, especially when playing games, the display doesn't turn off, it flickers, you know the kind of blinking with some sort of small lines at the bottom of the display..

Thing is when I switch to 60hz, the flickers stops. so when I game at 60hz there's no flickering, but when I switch back at 144hz it will come out again? any help?

i tried evrything, i even open up my monitor's board etc, tried a new DP cable,. also I hook up my PS4 on the monitor, at first it flickers too but lately it doesnt come out anymore... It mostly shows up during gaming, also when its a 144hz//

also when gaming, when I switch to Windowed mode, flickers stops, it showsd up when its a fullscreen.. any advise?

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