BenQ ZOWIE XL2546 - Brightness, DyAc & AMA

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BenQ ZOWIE XL2546 - Brightness, DyAc & AMA

Post by H0resT » 04 Jun 2019, 21:38


I own a BenQ ZOWIE XL2546 with 240Hz and Dynamic Accuracy (DyAc). Whenever I enable DyAc, my brightness increases significantly. When I turn it off, the image becomes rather dimmed / dark-ish with a subtle green glow.

1. I would like to be able to turn off dynamic accuracy, but keeping the brightness levels of DyAc mode. Is there any chance I can manually add them to non-DyAc mode using factory settings or something similar?

2. An out-of-topic question: With DyAc, I notice a severe flicker making it incredibly uncomfortable at fast motions. Now I've read a fair bit about strobing etc (I was accidentally using Nvidia's ULMB before), but I never noticed such a huge difference. DyAc gives me next to nothing just by pure feeling. As far as I can tell, that should've been a feature where I can see a clear difference when for example spraying a rifle in csgo, right? I obviously notice a massive difference, but I don't feel any advantages, just disadvantages. Is it just a possibility that I cannot deal at all with flickering?

3. I haven't quite understood AMA (off / high / premium) yet. Well, kind of. However, I mostly prefer it to be turned off I think. When I do the ufo ghosting test, AMA on high / premium gives me more clarity at the end of an ufo. However, it adds a noticeable white ghost trail. I have already manually decreased this so called "OC grain". I believe that's the intensity of AMA found in those factory settings. However, when I switch into csgo for example, I do a little test where I walk left and right. When doing this while AMA is on, I notice the above mentioned white ghost trail to objects / corners. It seems my prefered setting with AMA is off right now as it elimnates all ghosting trails. So what is AMA supposed to actually do? I visually can only see its disadvantages.

When doing the UFO ghosting test, I achieve the best looking image with AMA High + DyAc Premium. However, when using those settings ingame, I cannot deal with it. It seems I actually prefer AMA off and DyAc off.
Is it just my preferences that are "out of the order"?
Have I gotten a faulty monitor?

4. Should I possibly consider returning my monitor and get a cheaper one instead since I don't need any of those fancy settings?

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