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LG 24GL600F-B $159.99 vs Viewsonic XG2402 $229.99

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LG 24GL600F-B $159.99 vs Viewsonic XG2402 $229.99

Postby 1beter » 04 Aug 2019, 20:12

Hi guys! I'm looking for a cheap 144hz monitor and the LG one is much more cheaper than the Viewsonic one. Is the LG monitor as good as the Viewsonic monitor? I've seen a lot of people say that the Viewsonic monitor is extremely good and proabably one of the best 144hz monitors, but I would like to know how the LG monitor compares to the Viewsonic one.
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Re: LG 24GL600F-B $159.99 vs Viewsonic XG2402 $229.99

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 07 Aug 2019, 14:07

Both prices are fantastic prices for 144Hz.

It's very hard to say which one is the better one. Being the more well-tested monitor of quite decent TN quality, the XG2402 is a great buy. You rarely see any XG2402 complaints here on the forums -- happy users rarely write.

But then again, LG has been working hard on improving their gaming monitors and their new LG Nano IPS bringing 1ms GtG to IPS, is quite the attention grabber now. Being a new panel tech, that is a large cost premium though over both of your choices.
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Re: LG 24GL600F-B $159.99 vs Viewsonic XG2402 $229.99

Postby whitepuzzle » 07 Aug 2019, 21:21

24GL600F: slightly better contrast ratio and perhaps slightly greater sRGB coverage

XG240R: slightly better overdrive tuning

There is the 24GL650F now with a proper height adjustable stand if you want to wait for that. It's the monitor I would get.
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