Should I keep trying to clean these?

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Should I keep trying to clean these?

Post by buzinski » 06 Aug 2019, 13:07

So i've been an idiot and left oil spots for longer than usual on my monitor and now I just can't clean the bloody spots even with dishwashing liquid, at least not entirely. I have 5 of these on my dell aw2518h monitor:

I managed to clean enough so that they're impossible to see with the display dry no matter how I look at it or how I shine a flashlight on it, but will they cause any harm to the coating in time? I might keep on scraping the display some more but I'm afraid that would damage the coating.

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Re: Should I keep trying to clean these?

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 16 Aug 2019, 16:56

Continuing to clean will cause some further inconsistencies -- there is a risk of too much polishing-down the matteness of the antiglare coating -- which can look worse than an almost-gone oil spot. There are solvents designed for monitor screens that work much better than dishwashing liquid, and doesn't require you to riskily scrub with a cloth.

But at this stage -- if it's good when dry, then it's best not to do any further action -- it's possible to overpolish a matte film, creating glossy-vs-matte inconsistencies on the coating.
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