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Is there a reason my monitor is saying free sync is enabled?

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Is there a reason my monitor is saying free sync is enabled?

Postby ayeTop » 06 Aug 2019, 20:47 On the screenshot it says I have free-sync on when I disabled it on nvidia control panel. Idk if its a visual bug but it wasnt like this before. Anyone know a way to fix? Also, is this normal? I'm using premium overdrive and it looks like this. My monitor is a xl2540 and it feels like targets in a game like overwatch become blurry when the move.
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Re: Is there a reason my monitor is saying free sync is enab

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 16 Aug 2019, 16:59

Sometimes the FreeSync setting is an ON/OFF setting on the monitor too -- so that you can enable it both monitor-side and computer-side.

If there is no FreeSync setting on the monitor OSD, then it's probably OK to not worry about it. You can try rebooting your monitor (unplug-plug) after turning off via NVIDIA -- and see what happens to the setting. FreeSync ON/OFF doesn't often dynamically happen.

Fortunately, I don't think it's anything to worry about in your particular case.
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