XL2536 Dyac-Overwatch-Advice?

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XL2536 Dyac-Overwatch-Advice?

Post by redmoonsaza » 29 Aug 2019, 01:15

Hi I just change monitor from Acer predator XB241H 144hz to BenQ Zowie XL2536 (DP CABLE) .

I feel that playing in the new zowie monitor make my performance worse.
Problem that I feel after 2 days with it.
- Hard to aim. Feel cannot see the opponent quickly enough as compared to my old monitor(old monitor does not use gsync)
- Mouse seems very slow all the sudden although same DPI and sens (900 dpi, 4 sens in game)
- Eyes fatigue all the time and hard to concentrate.

Not sure is it lag, input lag, display lag. Is there anything I missed? Any setting to the monitor that recommended?

My pc specs
Ryzen 7 2700 @3.9
RTX 2070 Super
16GB DDR4 3200Mhz.

Glorious model O , Logitech G pro Wireless.

In game settings, (this setting when playing are the same for both monitor)
-vsync off,
-triple buffer off
-reduce buff ON
-1920x1080 (144)
- high texture, others low.
- fps - custom (jumping around 160-220)

nvidia control panel setting (this setting when playing same for both monitor)
-open GL rendering : RTX 2070 super
-power : prefer max performance
-refresh : highest possible.
-low latency : off (any impact on this with dyac monitor and overwatch?)

xl2536 setting
-dyac : premium. (tested high, seems better for me, not sure)
-black equalizer : 0-2 (still adjusting)
-color vibrance 10
-AMA : high
-sharpen (6-8)
-gamma (3/4)
-instant mode on.
-brightness 0-15. (Is the brightness should be high? because when dyac to medium, it always cranks up brightness to 70).

Some question :
1. Should I reinstall GPU driver when connect new monitor?
2. Should I use the BenQ strobe utility? (if yes, any setting recommended?)
3. Any minimal brightness for the monitor?
4. Should Dyac be used for overwatch? (im both tracking and flicking person)

I would like to achieve minimum input lag, higher fps, and better quality than now if possible,


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