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Need Help choosing the best 240hz monitor at the moment!

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Need Help choosing the best 240hz monitor at the moment!

Postby LightningK » 05 Sep 2019, 16:27

Hello everyone,

I am looking to buy a 240hz monitor to upgrade from my really bad 60hz office monitor. I have been lurking for some time trying to get comfortable with all the different terms and technologies. My problem is that coming from such a bad experience I will most likely not be able to tell if a 240hz monitor is good or bad compared to the other ones on the market. Every 240hz monitor will probably be amazing but since they are relatively expensive I would love to get a good one right away. So that's why I wanted to ask you guys since you know much more than I do.

As for my Pc I am upgrading to a 9700k and 2070 super and I mostly use low "competitive" settings anyway. I play Csgo but also some more demanding titles such as Battlefield and maybe the new COD. So far I have split it into three categories of monitors that I can see.

1. Gsync monitors going for 450-550 in my country: not sure what the best one is here

2. Freesync/Gsync compatible 350-400: the X25f looks very good except the problems with the white lines one of you guys mentioned in the first thread right?

3. The XL2546 with no Freesync or Gsync for around 500: if I only played Csgo or other not so demanding games I would go for this one straight away since I would easily be above 240fps and not need any adaptive sync

So really my question boils down to:
do I go for true Gsync even with the price premium? If so what would be my best option?

Is Freesync or Gsync compatible fine and am I better off just saving the money for some Pc upgrades in the future? Omen X25f?

Is the XL2546 my best option?

Lastly I wanted to say I love the forum and I will definitely stick around but I just need to upgrade from my terrible monitor as quickly as possible.
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Re: Need Help choosing the best 240hz monitor at the moment!

Postby 1000WATT » 05 Sep 2019, 18:51

there are no 240 monitors on the market that include all the positive aspects of individual monitors.
Now you understand exactly what you need.
this is a high frequency.
the need for other parameters you must also clearly understand for yourself.
As an example: I can’t stand the strobe, and some people love it.
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Re: Need Help choosing the best 240hz monitor at the moment!

Postby LightningK » 06 Sep 2019, 07:37

Ok that makes sense. I will probably choose between the Omen X 25f (or 25 with Gsync) or the XL2546. Are there any other monitors I should consider? The XG248Q seems to be well received right?

One last thing. Let's say I go for the XL2546 and my frames are only at 170-200. How much of a disadvantage is not having Gsync or Freesync? Will it look a lot worse?
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