TN vs IPS, I feel confused

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TN vs IPS, I feel confused

Post by Sanhaii » 11 Jan 2020, 12:37

Story time:

I've been using a AW2518h for a good 2 years, currently mainly playing Apex Legends, everything was set to my liking.
Untill I went on vacation and played Apex Legends on my Lenovo Legion laptop with an IPS display.
I somehow had a better time seeing people/hitting my shots. This could be pure placebo.

I am here to figure out if I want to switch to an IPS display, I'm deadset on a 24,5 inch screen, anything bigger bothers me more than it should. I've seen rumours about fast IPS screens coming out in 2020.

Should I just make the switch as soon as a good IPS 24,5 comes out. Are these screens missing something that I should know or will they actually just outshine my 240hz TN panel in every possible way? (except maybe ULMB and g-sync).

What are the specs I should be looking at when it comes to an IPS? (HDR is something i saw mentioned that the new benq would lack, and have no idea what it means)

Thanks for any info in advance!

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Re: TN vs IPS, I feel confused

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 11 Jan 2020, 17:20

The IPS vs TN Venn Diagram Now Overlaps
While the fastest TN may still outperform IPS -- this is no longer necessarily true anymore. There are now IPS panels faster than average TN. IPS with less blur than average TN. IPS with less ghosting than TN. IPS with less lag than average TN. IPS with less strobe crosstalk than average TN.

My experience with ViewSonic XG270 Blur Busters Approved process has borne this out. Check out

The new "1ms IPS" panels are the bees knees. Look for "1ms GtG IPS" too, not just only "1ms MPRT". Don't confuse the two pixel response benchmarks: GtG vs MPRT.
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Re: TN vs IPS, I feel confused

Post by Sanhaii » 12 Jan 2020, 08:49

Thank you for this information! This'll clear alot out of the way for me :) glad to see technology catching up fast.

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Re: TN vs IPS, I feel confused

Post by tommywise » 03 May 2021, 15:12

How fast is XG 270 withoutout PureXP+ on? And which TN or IPS panels would you recommend but only with FreeSync on?

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Re: TN vs IPS, I feel confused

Post by STOPchris » 04 May 2021, 21:32

At this point the benefits of TN over IPS are so small that there is no reason to go with TN over a fast IPS. To help pick a new monitor, I highly suggest looking at reviews on this site:

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