Lurker for years, wants to buy a +200hz monitor in 2020

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Re: Lurker for years, wants to buy a +200hz monitor in 2020

Post by dANii » 22 Feb 2020, 06:54

heckenjoni wrote:
20 Feb 2020, 19:53
dANii wrote:
20 Feb 2020, 11:18
I'd say wait for the AW2521HF which will release march 11th.
may i ask why you would rec. the aw2521hf over the vg259qm ? the alienware 27" had lots of problems with blackscreens (ofc i hope it is fixed in the 24.5" version) and it has no strobing at all 40hz less and will be priced higher ..
If you want strobing get a BenQ Zowie.. Other then that, thinner bezels I guess.

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Re: Lurker for years, wants to buy a +200hz monitor in 2020

Post by DrUninstall » 27 Feb 2020, 07:34

Chief Blur Buster wrote:
13 Feb 2020, 18:38
If 144Hz 1440p is your goal, then hang on a bit longer. Your Aorus is hard to beat and all the 240Hz 1440p are all TN and costs more than your price range.

Now, if you're willing to go down to 1080p, I have good news. 1ms IPS is what I recommend nowadays for people like you. 240Hz 1ms IPS is currently available in your price range.

There are multiple options, whether it's an ASUS 280Hz or a ViewSonic 240Hz, I think this is the type of display that is a natural upgrade to your current 60Hz IPS.

Yes, TN is better for a lot of situations, but your eyes are used to IPS, and you want the fastest ergonomic good-colors display, and 1ms IPS is so much closer to TN than yesterday's IPS. Basically 1ms IPS is much closer to TN-speed than yesteryear IPS-speed, even if not quite as fast as the fastest TN.

If you get a TN, stick to good colors TN such as Viewsonic XG2402 or others, with all the ergonomic features like good factory color calibration + low blue light modes + PWM-free dimming. Also, if you do IPS, then impressively, the ViewSonic XG270 seems to have slightly less lag than ViewSonic XG2402 (a well known low-latency TN).
Do you know if there will be a ViewSonic XG270 with 25"?

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