CSGO 144hz or 120 LB

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CSGO 144hz or 120 LB

Post by nightside » 18 Apr 2014, 16:39

for CSGO what should i do?

I hate native 16:9
would rather play 4:3 custom

i heard something about a trick 1500

i have the asus 144hz monitor.

can you create a custom 4:3 resoluation and lightboost it?

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Re: CSGO 144hz or 120 LB

Post by lol37 » 18 Apr 2014, 17:53

10% 120LB.

And yeah LB hack is resolution-independant, just use the nVidia or amd/ati video control panel for custom res.

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Re: CSGO 144hz or 120 LB

Post by Q83Ia7ta » 18 Apr 2014, 23:40

144hz because csgo is not so fast paced fps. Just try both.

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