Buyers Advice for first 240hz Monitor

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Buyers Advice for first 240hz Monitor

Post by ADONBILIVIT » 20 May 2020, 03:48

Hi Blur Busters!

I am looking to buy my first 240hz monitor for games like csgo/LoL/Valorant.
This monitor will also be used for general media consumption.

I have my eyes on these. But I'm just not sure as im inexperienced with anything over 144hz and I am really indecisive guy as it is haha.
Which if these would you recommend? Or do you have another monitor to recommend?
I am trying to buy something under £400, but if the performance is worth the extra money then I will consider forking out a little more.

Thanks a lot! Any guidance is much appreciated.

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Re: Buyers Advice for first 240hz Monitor

Post by bleach » 21 May 2020, 07:08

I personally ordered the smaller brother of the asus screen, but xg270 is the only blurbusters certified monitor, so i would presume it is worth the price difference.
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