I was gonna get 240hz to future proof but..

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I was gonna get 240hz to future proof but..

Post by kofman13 » 22 May 2020, 14:28

So I’m struggling with a dillema same topic.
I game on an i7 5820K with GTX 1070 8 GB. And i currently game on a 70hz freesync monitor. I want to future proof with 240hz because I don’t want to buy a new monitor every year. But at the same time I mainly play warzone and apex legends both don’t even function above 190 FPS due to engine issues anyway. My computer can only stable run them at 150-170fps as well. (i could run cs go overwatch etc at above 200 FPS but then again I don’t really play those). So I would be basically running my main games at 140-150fps on a 240hz monitor. Then all these reviews of “overdrive and ghosting issues” with 240hz monitors when running them at lower FPS scare me..... w0uld motion blur, ghosting, over drive be better at 144 FPS on an actual 144hz monitor vs 144 fps on a 240hz monitor? I basically wanted to get 240hz IN CASE in play a 240 FPS game (My main games can’t go above average 150-160), and to future proof. But if my main games at 140-150 FPS are going to perform worse on 240hz monitor than 144hz, should I not get 240hz? I don't plan on upgrading GPU for a while.....

whats the best choice of monitor type for my situation? (running most games i play daily at 140-150 average FPS) Are all 240hz monitors worse at 144fps than 144hz monitor? or do some handle lower fps better? does TRUE g sync monitors handle all this better? i dont want to future proof that bad if all the 140fps games i play will look bad on 240hz

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Re: I was gonna get 240hz to future proof but..

Post by forii » 22 May 2020, 15:51

get 144hz and never think about 240hz, difference is minimal, and ur gpu will be overloaded causing extra input lag, unless u play with all low settings. 240hz is good only with stable 200+ fps.

If i could I would back to 144hz, but after I saw how smooth is it and get used to this its really hard. Now im forced to wait for RTX 3080ti and get best setup to handle this 240hz

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240hz is overrated

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Re: I was gonna get 240hz to future proof but..

Post by fowteen » 22 May 2020, 20:15

Chief talked about this briefly in my post on basically the same situation viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6880

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