Alienware aw2521hf meh?

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Alienware aw2521hf meh?

Post by Gideon » 22 May 2020, 16:34

Today i got my new Monitor and after some testing im a bit confused. Came from a 144hz and the 240 are noticeable, especially while browsing and just overall smoothness of the cursor. Everything feels slighty more fluent, but nowhere near as huge as 60-144hz. But i loved 144 already so this is just even better. Great! This is my 1. IPS panel and what can i say ... loved my old colors too. The TN was nearly as powerful in colors as the standard calibration on this alienware. But after some tweaking the IPS are much brighter, richer and overall "better". Again its an upgrade, wouldnt value it worth the 350€ but still nothing to complain and usually im very very picky! One thing i was worried about was the BLB. Someone in my shoes may be wondering how the IPS glow feels in real life and if the BLB is noticeable. Since it depends on the unit i am confused right now because i think i got a really bad one. The IPS glow was noticeable right away if you dont sit right in front of the pc, which i 100% do so i dont worry about this. Once you move to the side though its like a super light mirror or something, cant really describe but it would be annoying as hell. But i sit 100% in front so no complains about that. The BLB from youtube however was really concerning to me, ill add a photo i made with an iphone8. Perhaps its that bad because i made the photo with my iphone? On the photo it is worse than it is in real life. For the common use i didn´t notice it nearly as strong as on the photo!!!! It can be a bit bothering though if you really really focus on it, but usually with all the picture movements i didnt really notice it (tested game of thrones which tends to be superdark at times, was seriously OK). We have 5 Monitors at home and for fun i tested them all :D All of them had some sort of BLB so i think as long as you dont care too much this is fine. Or is this too bad? This was tested in a dark room (xD), same test in a bright room has the same result, also i dont feel any difference between dark and bright room in gaming etc. The InputLag feels amazing just like my old TN. I tested it with G-Sync on and off and even in CS Go i was able to play with the same speed if not faster than with my old one. I doubt anyone will ever feel the difference between all of these 0,1 0,2 etc differences ... it can distract too much to think about all those small details.
So is this BLB to you ok or unacceptable? while using this monitor i feel fine but i cant compare it to any other IPS. Maybe if i get a new Unit its gonna be slighty better much better .. "worse" ? What do you guys think? =)

-edit- got a huge problem: on 1 website you can see much more pixel and if i stay on this site it kind of burns in??? opening a new tab will still show the burned in site????? after couple minutes it is gone but... man what?? why only on one site? everything else is fine? what is this?

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Re: Alienware aw2521hf meh?

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 26 May 2020, 20:56

Gideon wrote:
22 May 2020, 16:34
ill add a photo i made with an iphone8. Perhaps its that bad because i made the photo with my iphone? On the photo it is worse than it is in real life. For the common use i didn´t notice it nearly as strong as on the photo!!!!
This looks like IPS glow, not BLB...

BLB is when there's a light-leakage occuring, like imperfectly-fitted edgelight / optics / panel enclosure on a panel, etc.

The issues of BLB or IPS glow varies from monitor to monitor, but be careful not to confuse IPS glow from BLB -- they look similar, IPS glow often affects the 4 corners and gets amplified if you sit close to the monitor, since it's an amplified black-levels viewing angle issue. It doesn't affect bright colors but it affects darks/blacks on IPS panels.

IPS glow will be consistent with panel lottery, while BLB may vary more with panel lottery. I don't think you'll fix IPS glow via playing the panel lottery (and it only raises the prices of monitors when users try to fix an unfixable technology issue that way)

IPS glow and BLB can simultaneously occur though, creating a confusing pattern.... but your photo is a common symmetric IPS glow pattern, so I would blame IPS glow rather than BLB.
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