Contrast recommendation setting?

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Contrast recommendation setting?

Post by disq » 23 May 2020, 15:52

So, today i was messing around with my monitor settings and i've found that i've been using it for years with 0% Contrast setting

And that's why i'm creating this thread because i don't know if this somewhat a negative thing to do?! In monitors reviews they always talk about Contrast ratio which needs to be at a certain value for optimal results, etc but i really don't understand these "features" and my native language not being English doesn't help either

Should we use the Default value for it? I know that Brightness is more of a personal taste but not really sure about Contrast

I've set it now to 50% and O.O i'm not sure i would tolerate such thing

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Re: Contrast recommendation setting?

Post by RedCloudFuneral » 23 May 2020, 20:50

You can use a 'contrast test' online to check if you are limiting yourself with too high or too low a setting. These tests will show charts of boxes at varying shades of brightness. I use this one here: You should see in the white-black scale at least a difference in each box, if they blend together it means your setting is too low or high. The color settings I expect will blur to some degree(they do on my monitor.)

So long as you can distinguish each shade & assuming you don't require perfect accuracy for your job(if you are doing digital content creation) you're free to set the monitor by taste. There's no wrong setting & the contrast setting interplays with brightness/color/etc. On my screen when I boost the colors I need to reduce the contrast to compensate.

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