Jagged edges, AA not working, inverse ghosting

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Re: Jagged edges, AA not working, inverse ghosting

Post by a_c_r_e_a_l » 26 May 2020, 08:07

I've tried older drivers and it makes no difference. I found something interesting.
"Imagine running a game such as GTA V. The first time you run it the settings are usually set on lowest meaning no AF or AA, low shadow resolution and distance. So the NvAPI takes these settings and unloads them into the L2 Cache of GPU so that the Stream-multiprocessors can read them and when ever you exit the game NvAPI should force the GPU to flush the settings by writing Global Settings into the cache area. For some reason it's stuck. It can happen when you change a setting by dramatically tuning it up and the variant is not fast enough to rewrite. Now the settings cannot be verified by any variant in order to be flushed. The only way to fix this is to find the way to flush the cache and unload a clean NvAPI into the cache. Now this also answers why this happens again when you insert new parts into the PC and that is because the drivers always keep the same buggy variant in their backup files and loads it into memory if its missing. It also works the other way, if you reinstall the drivers, it automatically reads the variants setting from the cache and make a copy of the variant. In order to fix it we have to unlock the resources and unload a variant . However we have no idea how to do that atm."

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