Native (plug-and-play) 8000hz mouse

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Re: Native (plug-and-play) 8000hz mouse

Post by deama » 06 Oct 2020, 05:08

Chief Blur Buster wrote:
05 Oct 2020, 19:56
I don't think so. You need Windows 10 with this mouse, unless you want to program custom mouse drivers for this mouse.

With Windows 10, it even works fine at 8000Hz with default Windows mouse drivers.

Too many weak links in previous Windows OSes allowing Plug-and-Play with this mouse, they found there are some major problems getting it to work under Windows 7 -- a brick wall exists.

I think Linux will work fine, though the Linux mouse drivers may need an update to support the USB 2.0 feature of 0.125us polls. This is a USB 2.0 mouse (400 megabits per second), rather than USB 1.0 mouse (12 megabits per second standard). Although it certainly doesn't remotely need all that bandwidth, it needs the easy micropoll feature of USB 2.0 that is already built into Windows 10. It's a standard HID mouse driver except using 0.125us USB 2.0 polls, so in theory anyone can write a mouse driver for it (unless you need proprietary Razer features like programming its LED colors).

I think that this might even be the first USB 2.0 mouse that I have ever met. That's new enough to create some problems with some drivers not expecting USB 2.0 + 0.125us poll feature, even though it's standard mouse HID. A mouse driver / OS equivalent of the "Microsoft 512 Hz limit", that can be unforseen unless testing 8000 Hz.

It's not the same as the overclocked mouse because that's a custom-hacked USB 1.0 mouse workflow. The sweet-n-low mouse driver isn't currently (yet?) compatible with this mouse AFAIK, but in theory, someone might be able to hack it to work on Windows 7 later, given it's standard USB mouse protocol.
deama wrote:
05 Oct 2020, 11:03
So what was this talk about windows 7?
Confirmed. Windows 7 isn't going to be officially supported with either stock Microsoft drivers or Razer drivers.
So it might or might not work on windows 8.1?

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