Asus PG259QN 360hz Monitor

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Re: Asus PG259QN 360hz Monitor

Post by Alpha » 09 Oct 2020, 12:38

Stevie66 wrote:
26 Sep 2020, 13:56
I wonder why no one tests the variable overdrive that Gsync has, shouldn't it do the best job at OD setting? I figure Nvidia or Asus whoever tunes it would make it as good as it gets?
Unless Variable Overdrive works even with Gsync off? but then what's the point of the 3 OD settings
Did your question get answered on this? I can try if something isn't mentioned or missed but I may not have the tools. I am not a fan of any type of frame insertion but playing around on my VG259QM ELMB was done via the display. On my PG259QN you enable that in the NVCP, I had no idea!

I am not motivated to look into it so I do not know if these displays vary by region but TFT shows no ambient light sensor. I have one. It's reflected in the US Manual as well so I am not sure if what you're looking for got covered.

If something was missed in the reviews, I am happy to try. Having the above disclaimer regarding not knowing where ULMB was :oops: what exactly would you like to see or know and how would you like to have it tested?

Turn off Gsync, turn off vsync, enable Variable refresh rate? On the drop down in NVCP I believe the only options are GSync, ULMB, VRR but not 100% sure. Happy to look, please advise on the changes. Thank you sir!

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