Need help choosing monitor 144hz vs 75hz

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Need help choosing monitor 144hz vs 75hz

Post by macbheatha » 10 Oct 2020, 09:52

Hi! Just bought Acer nitro xv253qp. I like it, but in games where fps is like 70-80 monitor starts producing inverse ghosting. Yeah, I know that I can turn off overdrive but I get kinda vertigo coz motion is blurry and got no clarity. I guess that is probably coz monitor is FreeSync and not G-sync. Unfortunately, I do not have budget that big so I can afford good G-sync monitor.

So I am thinking of buying 75hz monitor (maybe 2 if budget allows) but with minimum to no ghosting and decent motion clarity.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Need help choosing monitor 144hz vs 75hz

Post by iopq » 11 Oct 2020, 08:15

Can't you just turn off overdrive for games that are 70-80 FPS and turn it back on later?

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