Stuttering with G-Sync (new Monitor).

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Re: Stuttering with G-Sync (new Monitor).

Post by jorimt » 12 Oct 2020, 15:02

Olonne wrote:
12 Oct 2020, 14:36
In-game setting always set as "Full screen". I have never used Borderless or Windowed modes. And "Enable for windowed and full screen mode" is set by deafult, once you plug the new G-Sync monitor. I wish it was that easy...
I know, but I had to make sure. That, and again, some games' "Fullscreen" mode is actually borderless, but as long as the G-SYNC indicator is on, then you should be fine.
Olonne wrote:
12 Oct 2020, 14:36
Yeah, as I said earlier, it's the only way to get rid of those terrible stutters for 95% of the time for me. But I am sure it's a very strange way to gain framerate consistency. I though G-Sync should provide smoothness without any tearing effect even with unstable framerate. But not in my case whatever reason.
Where variable framerate is concerned, yes, G-SYNC should, but apparently it's not for you.
Olonne wrote:
12 Oct 2020, 14:36
Okay let me ask this question other way: What should I check within my Hardware\Software? Should I try to roll back from Win 10 2004 to Win 10 1909 or something? I realy don't know what to do, because I always keep my PC stuff under control (CPU\GPU Temps, GPU Drivers\Chipset Versions, Windows 10 updates, e.t.c)
Or, maybe,I should just try to change my GPU for more powerfull one? (But still, you have the same spec, and there aren't any issues.)
That's difficult to say. I don't know your configuration.

I myself don't do anything special with mine. I simply have no background programs or overlays (but for Afterburner/RTSS when I'm using it) open when playing a game. Beyond that, I personally have HAGS disabled, Windows game mode enabled, and the Xbox game bar disabled.

What I can say, is both the G-SYNC monitor models you listed are G-SYNC Compatible FreeSync, not native G-SYNC (like mine).

The past few Nvidia drivers introduced G-SYNC Compatible issues, so before you troubleshoot further, you should rule out the driver version causing this, and install this one (using DDU for clean install): ... ion-452.22
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Re: Stuttering with G-Sync (new Monitor).

Post by RealNC » 13 Oct 2020, 02:22

Try this:

Force vsync OFF everywhere. Both in-game and in the NVCP. Disable g-sync. Disable the nvidia limiter. Use an RTSS cap of 165FPS.

Does it still happen? Either with the new or old monitor.

Also, please post a screenshot of the RTSS frametime graph overlay while the stutters happen.
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Re: Stuttering with G-Sync (new Monitor).

Post by diakou » 13 Oct 2020, 17:38

Can you by any chance let me know what ram you have? (specific model + general info on what it's being ran at, something like speccy would show everything needed in the ram tab, but that's extra, link to specific model / make sure you also check that it's being ran at the model's speed/rates (XMP rates advertised or non-xmp rates)

Just to completely toss out any possibility of your framepacing from (possible ram related) (0.1 / 1) % fps lows being messy. Just average FPS itself can be very misleading to what is actually going on under the hood with hitching/micro-stutters and what not.

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