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Perception of Motion Blur - 60fps on 120hz Display

Posted: 16 Apr 2021, 19:59
by rayden
Hello Blurbusters Community,

I want to hear your opinion on this. As you all know on Xbox you can set the Refresh Rate to 120hz even when playing a 60fps game. Im playing on a CX so setting the Xbox output to 120hz per default was a nobrainer for me. The inputlag feels lower and even when i searched the whole internet I never saw anyone mention a downside of this feature. I played for some weeks like this without thinking about it.

But recently I experimented a bit with the BFI Mode on the CX, and while setting the 60fps mode in order for BFI working correctly I noticed something entirely else.

I was playing Shining Resonance Refrain a 60fps 3rd Person JRPG which has slow und sluggish horizontal Camera Movement. So it takes quite some time to turn the camera 180 around and in this time I can experience the sample&hold display blur in its peak beauty.

So my point is, when setting the refresh rate back to 60hz I had the impression that the display blur when moving the camera was somewhat more comfortable for the eyes? When setting back to 120hz it kinda feels like its harder to focus on the moving scenary without losing focus. The blur looks exactly the same, but maybe it is because of the duplicate Frames, it is kinda irritating for the eyes to see the same image twice in a moving scene?

So thats it. Anybody who knows what I mean?