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Did Nvidia restore this old setting in current times?

Posted: 17 Apr 2021, 13:41
by Futuretech
Hello, back with my old PC it had a Gefore-8 series GPU. The settings were fine except for one setting which existed beforehand. It was greyed out and had no options. I did research on it and every GPU had it pre-Geforce 8, so Geforce-7 and below had this so 2005 nearing 2006 and before until the arrival of the 8 series.

This old setting was called "Image Sharpening". I did some research years ago and some old websites that talk about Nvidia settings state this dates back to about 2002-2003 or so. Image Sharpening is a very cheap way of increasing the sharpness in other words as one person put it "My Apeture Grille CRT had LCD levels of sharpness".

I recall a small number of people on the internet were asking why Nvidia removed this setting even though A) It's performance hit was either so low it didn't matter or non-existent, B) From the few who wondered about it they had issues with CRTs and even a few LCD users who mentioned the Image Sharpening setting greatly enhanced text and graphics in games, until they upgraded to the Geforce-8 and lost the feature and C) Despite Nvidia removing the feature they never bothered to mention why or for what reasons it was removed. Despite people and researchers mentioning there is hardly if any performance hit and even if it was the benefits far outweigh the negatives

I did some research just before posting this topic and I notice some people dating back late-2018, early-2019 mentioning "Image Sharpening" on the newer Nvidia GPUs is back and on top of that it seems they expanded it with newer setting features. As I don't play games with modern equipment or play any games for that matter nor posses and Nvidia GPU as my old 8600GTs failed to work any longer.

I'm merely recalling this as an interesting thought that popped into my mind.

Is the modern day "Image Sharpening" feature the same as the old CRT/LCD boosting "Image Sharpening" of pre-Geforce 8 series GPUs? Is it the same thing or did they upgrade it to some newer, maybe faster, stronger calculation? Has anyone done a comparison of Geforce-7 series cards vs modern Geforce 1000-2000-3000 series cards in comparing the old "Image Sharpening" vs the new '18/'19 "Image Sharpening"?