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Does the Dell AW2521H suffer with the Gsync gamma flicker at 30ms with Gsync?

Posted: 10 May 2021, 14:45
by teG
I own an omen x 25 native gsync monitor which is listed as 0-240hz vrr yet I get slight gamma flicker when the framerate times are at around 30ms but basically when the ms is 30+.

I just wondered if these new ips native gsync monitors have the same issue still.

I've read that article about it only happening in loading screens on techreport. I maybe wrong but I believe that they were wrong in saying that it only happens at 0fps. I just don't think that they could capture it properly when in gameplay.

For example, in planet zoo when I've built a zoo big enough so the frames are in the 30s. Msi afterburner still shows 30+ms at sometimes even 40fps.