1440p 120hz (10bit) not possible over HDMI 2.1?

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1440p 120hz (10bit) not possible over HDMI 2.1?

Post by Xdico » 10 May 2021, 17:34

Has anyone managed to get 1440p 120hz 10bit or 12bit to work over hdmi 2.1?
I know there’s enough bandwidth for the signal to pass but I think it’s an HDMI EDID issue.

If you got it to work make sure you have 10bit information displayed on the receiving end which is TV because you can send this signal over windows and Xbox but the display downscales color depth to 8bit.

Edit: for LG OLED Users check this link to show how you get the detailed resolution. http://ltroyalshrimp.com/how-to-get-int ... tics-menu/

To clarify: I can make this resolution to work on both windows and Xbox. 1440p 120hz 10bit 12bit works, but it downscales at the display end and always shows 8bit. So if you have this working you might be using 8bit this whole time thinking you were on higher bit depth.

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