XG2530 Help [Frameskipping?]

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XG2530 Help [Frameskipping?]

Post by attenox » 20 Jul 2022, 10:32

Hello Busters !
I hope you have a good day :D .
Does anyone have a optimal settings for this model: Xg2530 Vewsonic.
its 240hz monitor and its not feeling like smooth 144hz. Is something i am doing wrong? Everything is set to 240hz. (windows/nvidia etc.)

Thanks alot for your time

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Re: XG2530 Help [Frameskipping?]

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 21 Jul 2022, 03:53

1. Temporarily turn off multimonitor and test again (sole monitor, no secondary, no mirroring)
2. If this fails to make things smooth for you, see below

The early version of XG2530 had a frameskipping bug.
Please test www.testufo.com/frameskipping

Solution is a Custom Resolution mode (ToastyX CRU or NVIDIA Custom Resolution)

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