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Big UK Sporting Event in HFR on YouTube (Live)

Posted: 04 Jun 2021, 09:59
by stl8k
YouTube viewers get HFR
BT’s coverage includes a 4K HDR Dolby sound version for its Ultimate platform and a standard HD SDR for BT Sport 1 HD. The HDR distribution is PQ since the feed is predominantly received by mobile device and smart TVs over the internet not through the STB.

As before, the broadcaster will share the live feed for free to audiences on YouTube. This time around the experience will be in high frame rates.

“Every year we’ve partnered with YouTube we’ve moved the quality up,” Beale says. “We will push 50p into YouTube and they will transcode on the fly in the cloud outputting 60p. The difference in quality is breathtaking… the motion portrayal is brilliant. ... 89.article

Re: Big UK Sporting Event in HFR on YouTube (Live)

Posted: 09 Jun 2021, 17:25
by Chief Blur Buster
Marketing nit for me; in that it is not really HFR (I consider 120fps as minimum), but good post!

AI-assisted video standards conversion can be pretty good nowadays. For most sports material it has become mostly artifactless.

It's preferable to see 50p->60p conversion when you're running 60Hz computer monitors and 60Hz iPads/phones, since stutter is the worse evil for watching sports. As long as quality doesn't noticeably degrade, it's a much more pleasant experience keeping video frame rates sync'd to refresh rates.