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Monitor advice: Lowest XBox Lag Monitor

PostPosted: 10 May 2019, 08:43
by liverpool_fc
Good morning to you all (or afternoon, or evening),

I have been browsing the forums the last 2 weeks as a visitor and decided I needed more help than I thought. So I joined! With the wealth of knowledge that is here, I felt as though I had only scratched the surface of what a quality monitor is.

So here is my story, I am an avid gamer on my Xbox one S (will get the next gen xbox next year when it comes out also in the future start building a PC) and enjoy playing a lot of FPS. While moving into a house this year, I decided to spoil myself in getting myself a monitor so here I am. I cannot tell you how much I have read and yet I am so conflicted on what monitor to get. I do have a little budget of around $300, I would like a low input lag monitor, but with the most vivid colors and detail. I know if I go with a TN model I will get low input, but with sacrifice of quality image. If I go with an IPS model I get the beautiful detail but not the low input lag and lastly I could go with a VA monitor, but a lot of ghosting occurs.

THEN, as all of you know, what refresh rate to I go for (60hz, 120hz, 144hz or 240hz? I know console gaming is locked at 60hz, but as mentioned it can push 120hz.

With all your advice what monitors should I consider? I like the Asus VG245H but I am open to many suggestions. Thank you for reading my long winded post

Monitor advice: Lowest XBox Lag Monitor

PostPosted: 11 May 2019, 22:27
by Chief Blur Buster
Ideally, you'll also want to have the option of FreeSync (see animation demo on how FreeSync can reduce stuttering), since that can reduce the input lag of some XBox games, because many XBox games don't have VSYNC OFF, and using FreeSync is superior to VSYNC ON.

Now, 1080p will be lower lag than 1440p when playing XBox One games, if input lag is important.

I would go for a bigger FreeSync range than VG245H, to get LFC (Low Framerate Compensation) working. A 40Hz-to-75Hz FreeSync range is too small for LFC which can improve FreeSync -- it works if you have a max Hz more than twice the min Hz.

Among VA panels, the Samsung CHG70 series is one of the better Xbox One S monitors, supporting 1440p, supporting, FreeSync and supporting 120Hz.

If you want lower lag, better colors, then among IPS panels, try the ASUS VG271 which has stellar Amazon ratings for under 300. Modern esports IPS can be darn nearly the same lag as TN if optimized properly. Even existence of FreeSync and use of 1440p-instead-of-1080p is a much bigger reduction in latency than the IPS-versus-TN latency. The VG271, relatively speaking, is one of those low-lag IPS panels.

That said, yes, TN is faster for competitive esports. A great low-lag TN monitor that works with the XBox One S is the ViewSonic XG2402, it works quite well with both consoles and PC gaming. RTINGS made really low latency measurements for that model.

That said, keep in mind:

1. 1080p will be lower lag than 1440p
2. 120Hz non-FreeSync will be lower-lag than 60Hz non-FreeSync.
3. Enabling 60Hz FreeSync will be lower lag than 60Hz non-FreeSync (most XBox games use VSYNC ON)
4. 60Hz FreeSync seems to have lower lag than 120Hz non-FreeSync (VSYNC ON)
5. 120Hz FreeSync has lower lag than 60Hz FreeSync
6. Even for framerate-locked 60fps games, 120Hz FreeSync lowers lag compared to 60Hz FreeSync.

Your optimal XB1 settings is 1080p + 120Hz + Variable Refresh enabled (FreeSync). That will lower lag of even 60fps games too.

TL:DR: Get 120Hz+FreeSync+1080p for the lowest possible XBox One input lag.

If you wish, you can also use the List of FreeSync Monitors to help you choose a monitor, if you're not sure of the above models.

Re: Monitor advice: Lowest XBox Lag Monitor

PostPosted: 13 May 2019, 08:35
by Notty_PT
ViewSonic XG2402!

Re: Monitor advice: Lowest XBox Lag Monitor

PostPosted: 13 May 2019, 21:33
by liverpool_fc
Oh my word! Thank you so much for the reply, and I went and did all the reading an reviews and I went with the Viewsonic XG2402. It looks a beautiful monitor with exactly what I am looking for in regards to quality as well as low input lag.

Thank you so much!

Re: Monitor advice: Lowest XBox Lag Monitor

PostPosted: 20 May 2019, 00:55
by GGPlay
Does 120hz and Freesync work together on the Xbox one x with the Viewsonic xg2402? I am not sure because the Hdmi input is 1.4.

Re: Monitor advice: Lowest XBox Lag Monitor

PostPosted: 20 May 2019, 18:16
by Chief Blur Buster
The XG2402 does support 144Hz and FreeSync on its HDMI, yes.

HDMI versions doesn't prevent FreeSync or 144Hz, it's simply a bitbucket, a generic pipe, and the HDMI specifications standardizes it.

However, deviating from industry standard modes, HDMI can support any rez, any Hz, and VRR, as long as it's within the prescribed maximum HDMI bandwidth / dotclock / pixelclock, and that the chips on both ends can handle the mode.

Re: Monitor advice: Lowest XBox Lag Monitor

PostPosted: 18 Jun 2019, 03:37
by Dcpeclectx
Will 1080p be lower input lag on the Xbox one X as well? And is it possible for the xb1/xb1 S to have lower input lag than the X?

Re: Monitor advice: Lowest XBox Lag Monitor

PostPosted: 15 Jul 2019, 14:48
by wNchstR
Notty_PT wrote:ViewSonic XG2402!

Hello, Which monitor is faster at 60Hz?

Asus XG248Q
Viewsonic Elite XG240R