Xbox One VRR Certified Games List

The XBOX ONE Console supports 120Hz+, FreeSync, and 1440p. Getting help with getting "Better Than 60Hz" on the XBOX ONE.
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Xbox One VRR Certified Games List

Post by supertoast » 21 Jun 2019, 04:03

Here is a rather short list of officially VRR certified games on the Xbox One, while ideally VRR is supposed to be global and work on everything in a console environment it doesn't always, even some games with a regular 60fps vsync have issues.

MS added a VRR section to the store under capabilities but few devs bother to take the time and test their game with VRR mode. Compounding matters is the way the Xbox store is designed, you can go to “All games” but the store still filters by whats new, free, popular etc it has no “archived games” option so even if you select VRR as capability past titles are dropped from the listings. Nor can you select VRR in a games feature list unlike HDR or cross play feature to show all titles that have it.

* Borderlands GOTY
* Borderlands 3
* Crackdown 3
* Dead or Alive 6
* Forza Motorsport 7
* Gears 4
* Gears 5
* Mega Man X Legacy Collection
* Middle Earth: Shadow of War
* Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
* State of Decay 2
* Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection

Used to list VRR support now no longer for unknown reasons.
* Forza Horizon 4
* Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer
* Pillars of Eternity
* The Division 2
* The Hunter Call of the wild

Sites which lists 60fps titles on the X model, though it’s not always up to date ... nced_games ... explained/

If anyone else knows of any feel free to mention them, hopefully MS fix the way the store list games at some point and more devs test with VRR.

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Re: Xbox One VRR Certified Games List

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 21 Jun 2019, 18:42

Nice -- thank you very much for posting this!

Can you (And others) keep this thread up to date? Much appreciated -- this is what Blur Busters Forums is a great community for!
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