i figure today out why consoles still are have bad image

All newer XBOX consoles supports 120Hz+ & FreeSync. Getting help with getting "Better Than 60Hz" on the XBOX ONE, XBOX Series S, and XBOX Series X.
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i figure today out why consoles still are have bad image

Post by blackmagic » 18 Sep 2021, 17:10

just want share here some experience and my frustration about these next gen consoles.

i never was before interested into consoles and my last and first console was a playstation 1. these times was good.

but today i find the reason why consoles are still bad compared to the pc and can be a money waste with less performance...

and the reason is simple: rockstar games which still dont manage to port a game title like gta 5 or rdr2 and give players 60fps.

a 8 year old game which still only playable with 30fps...that sucks and especially for gamers who switch from pc to consoles right now...that can be rly bad for the eyes and hurt the gamers soul...xD

i already regret that i buy this game for next gen console because even my old gaming pc can run it better and with higher fps and it looks better...

i already saw the new enhanced and expanded trailer but that all is just big joke and i think all the dislikes speaks for itself.

im really frustrated about all this.

rockstar just ruined my fun on consoles and im rly thinking about to go back to pc because of that all bullshit...

consoles are still not rdy...thanks to developers like rockstar games.

so watch out guys before buy a console and dont be stupid like me. better invest that money in a pc.

there even more things that ruin consoles:
- mouse keyboard adapters which ruins online gaming and making things unfair.

just an example.

if i knew all this things before...
i would think twice before go for a console.

there so much negative than posetive. it can be rly frustrating...

i better stay with pc and input lags headache than buy a console again in near future...

my opinion.

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Re: i figure today out why consoles still are have bad image

Post by blackmagic » 18 Sep 2021, 22:26

this post is not to make consoles bad but im just somehow upset that some games still 30fps locked after so many years and big titles like gta 5...

for an pc gamer who are used to more fps and hz that is an "no go" and just hurts the eyes...

i just hope that they change this in near future what they already should done years ago...
because the next gen consoles are clearly able to run these 30fps locked games at way more fps and hz..

or im wrong ?

edit: just figured out that gta 5 has still not even crossplatform...wtf lol is that...

crossplatform for a game like is a MUST.

idk what rockstar was doing with this game in last years but it looks like they completely fail it in every point and direction...its all just sad.

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Re: i figure today out why consoles still are have bad image

Post by AM_acc1q » 03 Oct 2021, 11:07

Sorry, but that's an issue you have with Rockstar not consoles.

Also crossplay is OK, but it should NEVER be forced. For example: for years and years (at least post-Xbox 360) there was never an issue with cheaters/hackers. Now with forced crossplay without the ability to turn it off in Warzone on Xbox, we have to play against PC players who have a superior input method AND aimbotters in every lobby.

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