Anyone here who could help raise the awarness among devs?

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Anyone here who could help raise the awarness among devs?

Post by RonsonPL » 30 Sep 2021, 19:24


I am really sad to realize how absolutely horrible is the level of knowledge among the game devs in terms of blur free gaming and content.

I'd want to do something about it, but I have no connections and my writing style is rather awful nowadays due to some health issues, so it's very hard for me to write a decent article, and besides the text, I'd need to know how to make a presentation or video properly. I don't have any skills or knowlege about doing those either.

Anyone here who would be willing to help somehow?

Examples which sadden and anger me deeply:
- I just finished the best looking game released yet, according to many. A pixar animation style game on PS5 called Ratchet and Clank. The game has stable 60fps modes, but the motion blur option menu has only a slider. At 0 value, there's still a lot motion blur left, which I instantly noticed on my XL2411Z. What makes things even worse, the option menu category mentions motion sickness. They have a menu for people who suffer from it and yet they blocked the ability to get rid of motion blur, which is baffling. The game suffers A LOT because of the motion blur.
- other games like Gran Turismo Sport and possibly also God of War on PS4/PS5 also have no option to completely remove motion blur
- DIRT 5 devs implemented 120fps modes, but didn't care to make it rock solid for non-VRR, strobed modes
- DIRT 5 and other games would work perfectly if the game and console supported 100fps mode instead of 120fps mode, as the framerate almost never dips below
- No TV or game console supports 100 or even 90Hz modes. New Call of Duty game often drops to 9xfps. A 90Hz mode would make it perfect in terms of motion, but this will never happen

there's also a problem with future backward compatibility modes. Imagine a PS7 being able to upscale the framerate from 120 to 1000fps for non-strobed displays. But if the 2021 game didn't have the motion blur toggle, it won't work and that would be a shame. A real shame.

Digital Foundry channel on YT often promotes blur. They often say "you know me, I love me some nice motion blur". Just recently one of them changed his tone and in a rather shy manner, says he prefers to use low persistence mode on his new LG OLED TV for games. Digital Foundry often talks with devs, have great connections. It's not rare to see devs patching the games according to their criticism. They even talked to the DIRT 5 devs (ouch...)

Hardware Unboxed, another big YT channel, posts videos like "best gaming monitor in the world" and they say it has basically no flaws... while the monitor lacks any usable strobed mode

Let's not even go into really huge mainstream channels like Linus Techtips, where motion clarity is being ignored completely and they push the false narrative that the only difference between monitors in terms of motion is how much Hertz it has on the box. 240 great, 360 even better, 120fps bad.

I won't try to contact the youtubers, because first of all - my comment/e-mail will get ignored and secondly, I simply am unable to phrase the text properly, make it short and "to the point".

But I do want to do something. Anything. Maybe together we can do a tiny microscopic difference?
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Re: Anyone here who could help raise the awarness among devs?

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 30 Sep 2021, 22:57

I added a shadow redirect in the Programming forum, as this is relevant.

Of course, we have to try to be nice to the developers and youtubers. Blur Busters’ job is to educate the industry, so future white papers may cover this topic too. A good example is my helping the author of the ”Cloudpunk” to make it high-Hz and VRR friendly.
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