LG 480hz OLED blurbusters verified spotted?

High Hz on OLED produce excellent strobeless motion blur reduction with fast GtG pixel response. It is easier to tell apart 60Hz vs 120Hz vs 240Hz on OLED than LCD, and more visible to mainstream. Includes WOLED and QD-OLED displays.
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LG 480hz OLED blurbusters verified spotted?

Post by hart » 22 May 2024, 16:17


any info? :mrgreen:

captured from here, LG stand on the SID week


also here


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Re: LG 480hz OLED blurbusters verified spotted?

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 23 May 2024, 21:41

The licensable Blur Busters Verified logo can be explained at:

https://blurbusters.com/new-blur-buster ... d-devices/

In short:

Gold Verified logo = superlative framerate-based motion blur reduction performance
Green Approved logo = superlative strobed or BFI performance
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