OLED BFI Options?

High Hz on OLED produce excellent strobeless motion blur reduction with fast GtG pixel response. It is easier to tell apart 60Hz vs 120Hz vs 240Hz on OLED than LCD, and more visible to mainstream. Includes WOLED and QD-OLED displays.
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Re: OLED BFI Options?

Post by deama » 18 Mar 2023, 09:47

Chief Blur Buster wrote:
12 Mar 2023, 18:33
OLED BFI questions now split into a new thread.
Do you happen to have any information on BFI for the LG OLED TVs? I don't want to get OLED monitors because they just don't have as many options and aren't big enough for me.

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Re: OLED BFI Options?

Post by GammaLyrae » 18 Mar 2023, 16:59

nuninho1980 wrote:
13 Mar 2023, 14:17
OLED has only 4 ms MPRT!? Bad... We want 0.5 or lower.
Lower is always better, naturally

I know that OLED panels struggle to come out of black without flickering or overshoot artifacts. LG and Samsung have their own methodology to solve this for their displays, but I suspect that it is partially dependent on a certain amount of pixel 'on' time in order to apply dithering or some other technique to prevent it from being too visually distracting. It wouldn't surprise me if it took awhile for 2ms MPRT to be available on OLED.

I really like the motion clarity you can get with the Valve Index or Viewsonic XG2431 (less than 1ms MPRT depending on refresh rate and chosen pulse width), and 2-4ms always looks blurry when they're right next to each other or you're doing an A/B test, but it's still a substantial improvement over 16ms mprt (for 60hz), 8ms mprt (for 120hz), etc.

It wouldn't surprise me if we saw a dual layer LCD or an IPS black panel w/ a BB 2.0 certification before we saw a 2ms MPRT OLED sized for desktop use.

Brute force refresh rate and framerate locks is naturally the easiest / cleanest solution for future displays and future content, but having options available for decades of legacy content that can't be made to run at those framerates is good too.

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Re: OLED BFI Options?

Post by Chief Blur Buster » Yesterday, 02:58

nuninho1980 wrote:
13 Mar 2023, 14:17
OLED has only 4 ms MPRT!? Bad... we want 0.5 or lower.
This only refers to the current 240Hz OLED backplane.

You can get close to 0.5ms MPRT with PlayStation VR2 already (lower pulse widths at lower brightnesses).

Alternatively, you can already get 0.3ms MPRT with Oculus Quest 2, or Valve Index 2.

Also, there's the quality improvement afforded by brute framerate-based motion blur reduction, so on a fast-GtG display (e.g. OLED or direct-view MicroLED) 1ms MPRT via 1000fps 1000Hz looks better than 0.5ms MPRT strobed. There is a kind of a minor biasing factor upwards in early tests with stobeless motion blur reduction; because of the extra brightness and the lack of stroboscopic effects; However, not too much though. 0.5ms vs 4ms is a whopping 8x difference in display motion blur (much like a 1/240sec camera photograph and a 1/2000sec camera photograph)
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