Phone camera tips when submitting images/videos for troubleshoots

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Phone camera tips when submitting images/videos for troubleshoots

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 16 Jan 2024, 14:33

Some of you post pictures and video of artifacts.

Some phone camera tips
  • Macro Images: Back away 6" and pinch-zoom to snap clearer pictures
    For better closeups, try moving your camera further away and pinch-zoom in a bit. This can allow macro focus on things like single-pixel artifacts, screendoor, antiglare texture, inversion artifacts, etc. Most phone cameras macro-focus better if you back away at least 6 inches further away than you think you need, and pinch-zoom inwards instead. This is better for making sharper closeups on smartphone cameras.
  • Simple Smartphone Pursuit Camera: Use video and hand-wave along display motion
    Any phone can be a pursuit camera! If artifact only shows when your eyeball is moving (tracking moving object), record video instead and try panning the camera long the motion. Tracking camera = tracking eyeball = more WYSIWYG capture of motion artifacts. Make sure you lock focus first (tap and hold to focus on screen while stationary, THEN pan the camera).
  • Optional Third Party Camera Apps: For more control of camera settings
    Most troubleshoots don't need this. But occasionally, you might. Apps like ProCam (iOS) and DSLRCamera (iOS) allows you to manually configure things like color temperature, ISO, shutter speed, etc. This can be useful for improved version of pursuit camera, that more accurately captures the sync track at with a hand-wave smartphone video (instructons).
Hope this helps you push a smartphone camera to better capture the artifact you're trying to discuss in the forum!
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