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WANTED: Blur Busters -- News Contributors Wanted! [$]

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WANTED: Blur Busters -- News Contributors Wanted! [$]

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 12 Jul 2015, 23:21

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night*:

Blur Busters Squad is looking for new members!

Chief Blur Buster is looking for new Blur Busters News Contributors for the main cover page of --
-- we need to get the news flowing on Blur Busters again. This is PAID as freelance blog reporter, on a per-article basis, depending on size of article.

If you're familiar with either freelancing, blogging and news contributing, hardware reviews, I'm interested in hearing from you. What we're interested in publishing daily news about anything "Better Than 60Hz" or related news, such as 4K, VR, unusual displays, display science, etc.

As some of you already know -- I, myself, Chief Blur Busters (Mark) -- am simply overwhelmed with my job (non-BlurBusters) in real life. Blur Busters is not (currently) my primary job.

Currently, full freelance rates can be offered:
- One small blog news report per day (similiar to what goes on cover)
- or one larger article per week (similiar to articles found elsewhere on Blur Busters)
Beyond this, coverage will expand.

- Freelance and/or blogging experience
- Pays close attention to display news (e.g. monitor manufacturer websites, convention news, etc).
- Provide a portfolio or resume (appearance doesn't matter -- links to actual experience and reporting quality matters more).
- Provide references -- links blogging/freelance/etc. Personal website (e.g. My Little Blog) or big mega-sites (e.g. AnandTech)

Nice to Have
- Bonus if you're already familiar with Wordpress;
- Bonus if you've already done hardware reviews before (free review hardware may also be involved later this year)
- Bonus if you are also highly knowledgeable about GSYNC and strobe backlights (for higher end Blur Busters articles)
- A higher freelance rate will be offered for nice-to-haves


Apply within to --
Qualified Blur Busters Recruits will be contacted at beginning of August (possibly sooner for exceptional ones).

* bonus points if you can identify the movie that this quote comes from.
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Re: WANTED: Blur Busters -- News Contributors Wanted! [$]

Postby Falkentyne » 12 Jul 2015, 23:47

I think masterotaku would love to help with something like this :) I know I'm not qualified but maybe I could help him with news stuff. I'll send him a PM if he pops up on steam.
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