NEW 2017 Website Design Launched!

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NEW 2017 Website Design Launched!

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 26 Mar 2017, 00:40

After long last -- a brand new web design was launched in Spring 2017!


As of 2017, we've resumed creating brand new content already, beginning with these:
- New for 2017: Strobe Crosstalk FAQ
- New for 2017: Updated Blur Busters Strobe Utility
- New for 2017: Motion Blur Reduction FAQ
- New for 2017: G-SYNC 101 Series: Part 1
- New for 2017: Reviewers Using Pursuit Camera
- New for 2017: Official List of Gaming Monitors
- New for 2017: Official List of FreeSync Monitors
- New for 2017: Official List of GSYNC Monitors
- New for 2017: Input Lag and the Limits of Human Reaction Time
- New for 2017: HOWTO: Low-Lag VSYNC ON
- New for 2017: The Basics of Network Lag – with Battle(non)sense

More articles are being written as we speak, and Jorim Tapley (jorimt) is helping out on this,

Mark Rejhon
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